3 Popular Furniture Styles You Need To Know


Are you thinking about decorating a new home or wiping your old home clean and starting afresh? If so, you’re going to need some furniture to fill up all the space. Now, this is the most important part of your home decorating process as the furniture dominates a room and sets the tone. There are so many different styles of furniture designs you can choose from nowadays, some of which might be right up your street while others are the complete opposite. 

Below, you’ll see three of the most popular styles explained, helping you pick the right one for your home interior:


Traditional furniture refers to a lot of stuff that’s been around for years. Some people may refer to them as antique pieces of furniture, but a lot of it isn’t that old. Mainly, we’re looking at furniture that emphasises curved lines and uses a lot of natural wood. The wood is also usually rather decorative and varnished to be extremely dark brown - almost red in some lights. This type of furniture is all about being slightly over the top, which is reflected in a lot of the elaborate designs. You’ll have grand wardrobes that don’t care about taking up too much space, along with massive beds with ornate wooden posts. 


Modern furniture is far sleeker and more minimalist than the traditional rivals. Here, you can still get curved lines, but it’s mainly all about straight lines and hard edges. Different materials are incorporated here as well, with more metals and plastics used than before. Natural wood still plays a role, but it’s a lot cleaner and less decorative than it used to be. The colours are more laid-back and neutral as well, offering a very clean and light look that suits almost any home. So many designs and ideas fall under this category nowadays. If you’re an IKEA fan, all of their stuff is considered modern. Lovers of rattan furniture can also claim to have modern furniture as this style is very minimalist and clean, making it modern. 


Lastly, transitional furniture is almost a combination of the previous two. It refers to furniture that has some traditional elements - like the strong wooden finishes - but mixed in with a few modern trends. It offers a very interesting balance that makes it super popular amongst homeowners that enjoy the traditional style but want something a bit less imposing. Transitional furniture gives off the same traditional look and feels, only slightly more downplayed by holding onto a few modern elements - like straight edges and lines. 

Knowing these three main furniture styles is only part of the battle. By now, you should have a good idea of distinguishing between the three and spotting furniture that falls under each category. Your next task is looking at your home interior and deciding what you believe will suit it the best. It’s an entirely individual task with no right or wrong answers at all; it comes down to what you like, and what looks best in your home.