Help Your Dogs Enjoy a Well Balanced Diet with Chippin


I received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

Everyone who knows me knows that I treat my dogs like they are my babies. They only eat the best and a lot of times I end up cooking food just for them. They have clothes, sleep in the beds and have full reign of the house and fenced yard. And that's just how I like it too. I treat them like little babies because just like kids, they depend on me for everything they need. So when I was asked to try out Chippin's treats and dog food with them, I was delighted.

Chippin is a high quality food for dogs which is sustainably sourced. Currently they make one kind of dog food that is made from Silver Carp. I really love that all their food is full of protein, vegetables, fruits and grains which are all things that dogs need. There are so many hypes going around now about how dogs don't need grain and they should only eat grain free. This is far from true because dogs aren't complete carnivores. They need grains and vegetables to have a complete and balanced diet so I always make sure they get a lot of each food group.

For the treats, the favorite all around in the house was the Smokehouse BBQ. That bag was pretty much inhaled by all 4 dogs. And the one that was least liked was the Spirulina Dailies which almost had a minty smell to it and was made from kale, flaxseed and carrot. Only Max ate that one. The other two flavors are Antioxidant and Superfood. 

Chippin is also made in the USA which is a must for any good dog food. I won't feed my dogs anything that is foreign. And the treats were shown in a study to help support gut health since they are hypoallergenic. 

Overall I am really impressed with the quality of food from Chippin and I know my babies were too. I am very grateful to have found another new brand for them that I can trust to give them a well balanced diet. 

If you want to try out Chippin, they ship to the USA and you can also find them in select stores in the USA as well.