Home Maintenance to Prevent a House Fire


If you want to minimize your personal risk of having a house fire (and who doesn’t?) there are a few basic home maintenance practices that you should add to your regular schedule of chores, including the following: 

Checking your smoke alarms 

You should check your smoke detectors’ batteries at least once a month. Most have a button you can press, and if they are working they will make a sound. This is a really simple thing you can do to help keep your family safe. 

Get rid of lint 

When your dryer is stuffed with lint, it can catch fire, which is the last thing you need, so be sure to remove the lint from the drawer after every use. 

Clean the stove 

Stoves that are dirty and greasy are far more likely to catch fire, so be sure to clean yours at least once a month - more often if you can fit it in. 

Maintain your appliances 

Appliances like air conditioners and eclectic heaters can easily catch fire if they become faulty, which is why maintaining them and scheduling regular services is so important. 

Trim candles wicks 

Keeping candles wicks short is a good way to help prevent candles firs, as well as using proper holders, and keeping them away from curtains, of course, so do it regularly. 

Get insurance 

Hopefully, these maintenance tips will help you avoid a fire, but if that doesn’t happen, you’ll need to have the right house insurance to ensure you can replace everything in your home. If you want to ensure that you are well-covered in case of fire, this infographic is really useful:
Infographic designed by: PropertyGuru Singapore