Is Your Family Ready For A Dog?


Getting a dog is a big decision. There are so many things you must think about when getting a puppy or dog. There is one important thing to consider, though. Is your family ready for a dog? Bringing a new dog into your home and successfully integrating it can be challenging, and it can take months for both your family and your new addition to become used to one another. A new dog will require time and patience, and if you are a super busy family on the go, or if you have small children around who are demanding attention as well, you must think carefully about whether you are truly ready for a dog. There are lots of dreams that are crushed when the reality of owning a dog hits home, so do not rush your decision and ask yourself the following questions:

Do You Have Time For A Dog?

Toilet training your dog, playtime, walking, feeding, cleaning, exercising, and behavior training all take time. If you do not have the time to dedicate to these activities several times a day, then you should seriously question if you will have time for a dog. As a dog gets older and their needs and requirements change, so too will their reliance on you increase. Therefore, you need to think about how much free time you have now, is it enough to keep a dog happy and well cared for?

Is Your Home Ready For A Dog?

The type of property you live in is important. For example, if you live in a top-floor apartment, then you must think about getting your dog out to the toilet in time and regularly. Living in an apartment or flat is not the most practical when keeping a dog as they need access to outside areas and space. Similarly, if you live in a new build home or even a home that has recently been remodeled, then are you ready to share this space with a new (potentially destructive) dog or puppy. If the thought of hair or drool scares you, then you are probably not ready for a dog just yet.

Can You Afford Vets Bills And Care?

You must be honest about dogs, they do cost money, and every vet’s visit will cost you, so be realistic from the start. Of course, dogs are worth the cost, and when you can find a veterinary practice that care such as Kelly Crossing Animal Hospital do then you will soak up the costs as part of dog ownership, but, nevertheless, you still have to ensure you can afford regular care as well as one-off costs for accidents and emergencies.

Realities Of Dog Ownership

Dogs take up time, they often eat things you do not want them to, and they can be difficult to toilet train, but the negatives to owning a dog are outweighed by the positives. The hours of joy spent playing with your dog and the memories made within your family unit make owning a dog worthwhile and enjoyable.