How to Add a Splash of Color to a Dull Garden


The best gardens are ones where you can find virtually every color under the sun within them. If your garden is looking more green and brown rather than a rainbow, here are some ways you can add a splash of color to brighten it up:

Replace the fence

One of the biggest things in your garden is probably the fencing that surrounds it. While it’s vital to set the boundary between your space and your neighbor’s space and maintain some privacy, a lot of traditional fences can look very dull and drab. As they’re one of the first things your eye is drawn to when you step out into your garden, it’s important that it looks as bright and attractive as possible. Traditional garden fences are notoriously hard to keep looking their best. They can take a long time to paint any color, especially as you need to take care that any color you paint on your side doesn’t seep into your neighbor’s side. They also need painting regularly as the rain and other weather conditions can make the color fade over time. If you’re looking for a fence that is already attractive and doesn’t need much maintenance, consider buying an eComposite Products fence. These modern-looking fences come pre-painted in a whole range of different colors for you to choose from. As they’re solid boards made out of eco-friendly material, they’ll last a lot longer than the thin wood that most traditional fences are made out of.

Pick a whole range of plants to grow

Of course, one of the most obvious ways of adding a bit of color to your garden is to choose the right plants to fill your flowerbeds with. Try and choose a range of different colors, but make sure each plant color compliments the colors of plants surrounding it. Try and avoid planting colors that will clash next to each other. As well as being careful of what colors you put where make sure you also choose some flowers that will be around all of the year. Otherwise, you could be left with a dull-looking bit of soil throughout the colder winter months.

Make your furniture as bright as possible

Another important part of any garden is the furniture that you bring into it. While you might think that these pieces of furniture only come in traditional colors like brown, green, and black, you can now find pieces of garden furniture in virtually any color. Whether it’s a table, a chair, or even your decking, consider thinking outside of the box when choosing your colors. If you can’t find a piece of furniture in exactly the right color, consider choosing some plain wooden furniture and paint it with the color that you want. A lot of DIY stores are able to mix paints to whatever shade of color you desire. Simply get a color mixed in a paint suitable for wood, and as long as you varnish it afterward, it should look bright for years to come.