How to Make Sure Your Kitchen Is Safe


The kitchen is the beating heart of your home. It’s where family meals are made, drinks are poured, and parties always end up. But it can also be the most dangerous room in your home. Nearly half of all house fires start in the kitchen, so safety is a top priority. This guide will teach you how to make sure your kitchen is safe.

Clean up quickly

What has cleaning got to do with safety? It might not seem like the most obvious step but cleaning up after using the kitchen can make it a much safer place. Spills are less likely to happen, trip hazards are removed, and there are fewer things to catch fire. Making sure you clean up quickly after cooking is a great way to make your kitchen safer.

Test your smoke detector

Without a working smoke detector, your house is almost twice as likely to have a fire. Your smoke detector is the first line of defense against a house fire. With enough early warning, you can get your family to safety. And who knows, you might even have a chance of putting the fire out. You can buy a smoke detector from your local electrical wholesalers.

Get a fire extinguisher

It’s amazing how many people don’t have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. By owning a fire extinguisher, you have a weapon to fight fire. Without it, you’re completely defenseless. Arm yourself in the fight against fire.

Understand how fire works

There are a few different types of kitchen fires. Oxygen fires can be put out with a wet rag. Pan fires (grease or oil) can be put out with baking soda, salt, or a pan cover. Electrical and appliance fires can only be put out if you unplug the device and extinguish it with the right fire extinguisher. Learning the different types of kitchen fire will allow you to act quickly in the event of a fire.

Wear protective clothing

You don’t have to wear a firefighter’s outfit every time you make toast. But you should wear appropriate clothing when you’re cooking. Always wear long-sleeved tops and make sure your torso is covered. Also, make sure you have an oven glove close in case something hot needs moving.

Keep dangerous stuff out of reach

When it comes to protecting your kids and pets from the dangers of the kitchen, keeping dangerous stuff out of reach is very important. Keep sharp knives sheathed, keep any appliances in cupboards, and make sure glassware isn’t prone to falling.

Learn about steam

Steam might not seem like the most dangerous element in the kitchen but it’s the cause of a lot of burns.

When you lift the lid off a boiling pot of water or tear open a microwave packet, you need to be super careful. Wear protective gloves and allow ample time for the food to cool before touching it. Steam might seem pretty innocent but it’s actually much more dangerous than boiling water.