Useful Tips for an Easy Garden


A garden can be a thing of beauty, especially when properly cared for. Sadly, not everyone has the time, resources or even inclination to keep their gardens well kempt. This means that, what could be a beautiful and colorful backdrop to your home, is instead a wild and unruly mess that causes naught but issues. However, there is hope! A number of products exist to help reduce the work required to maintain a gorgeous garden and this article is here to suggest some of the best potential options to remove the work. 

The Automatic Watering Oya

An incessant and often irksome requirement of maintaining a luscious garden lies in proper watering practices for your plants, especially if you live somewhere like California where the sun is hot, and the rain is rare. This usually means that you have to spend a good portion of your days trekking across your garden, delivering water to your plants and checking them to make sure they seem properly hydrated. However, there is an alternative in the form of a ceramic watering device called an Oya.

These pots are simply buried deep in the soil near plants that need consistent watering, with the neck of the Oya sticking out. The Oya can then be filled with water which it will slowly release into the soil around the plants, watering them far more effectively than surface watering is capable of. This could even help to keep more sensitive plants well-watered.

Artificial Turf

Like watering, one of the biggest and most consistent hassles of keeping a garden looking good is the seemingly constant need to mow the grass. This problem only increases the larger your garden is and is one of the most time-consuming and least satisfying aspects of gardening. Fortunately, companies such as US Turf offer artificial turf installation services that allow you to keep ideal looking grass year-round with no need for constant maintenance. This kind of service helps to cut down the busy work of gardening and allows you to spend the little time saved on the projects that interest you.

Online Garden Planner

If you want to enjoy the looks of a garden bursting with life but you dont want to have to sink hours getting into the nitty-gritty technical gardening knowledge, then an online gardening planner might be useful to you. These sites allow you to plan out your garden in advance, and one of their more useful functions is that they often have preplanned gardens for all kinds of conditions, meaning you can simply pick out a garden plan that you like the look of and get planting.

Alternatively, they offer a variety of options for planning out your garden in detail so that you can get it right the first time. You dont have to spend nearly as much time in trial-and-error situations with your plants and you can get your garden looking the way that you want it to. There, you’ve just grown a set of green fingers!