How to Celebrate Your Child’s Graduation


Your child graduating from university will be one of the greatest moments of your life. As a parent, it can be viewed as one of your own achievements too, as you helped nurture someone who has managed to study for and achieve a degree on their own accord. Therefore, it is only right that you want to celebrate this achievement so that they know how well they have done and you can turn this event into a memory you will never forget. Read on for ideas on how you can help celebrate your child’s graduation.

Ask Your Child What They Would Like to Do

This is your child’s big day, so be sure to ask them for ideas on how they would like to celebrate it. While you may want to shout their achievement from the rooftops, they may wish to have a quiet affair and only invite their closest friends and family members to the party. If this is the case, then sit down with them and decide on the number of people that they want to attend, the guest list, and whether it is going to be a casual or formal affair. You will also want to decide on a time and place. Here are a few tips on how to plan a party.

If your child does not wish to have a party, then why not book a table at a nice restaurant that is near the graduation ceremony? This can be an intimate affair and make the occasion much more personal for your immediate family members.

Make Plans for After the Event

Remember that there is an event going on and that all plans should be an extension of the graduation ceremony. The last thing you want to do is book a table before the ceremony and have to rush. Likewise, you do not want to book a table soon after the ceremony as most graduation events will offer food and drink afterwards for graduates to take photos with friends, classmates, family members, and teachers.

Ask your child for a timeline of events so that you know when the ceremony is starting, what is happening, and whether there is much time before and after. Events such as your child having to get their cap and gown may not have crossed your mind, for example. Once you have the university’s itinerary, you can start to make your own plans.

Find Them a Thoughtful Gift

What do you give a graduate? Well, why not gift them with something thoughtful and unique like a map of their university? If you head to Craft & Oak, you can purchase a personalised map of the location of their university so that they can hang this in their future home. This is a very unique gift that can help highlight many memories they may have of their time spent in higher education.

This is a momentous occasion, so why not celebrate it by organising a party or small get together at home? If the graduation ceremony lasts too long, you can always throw a party for the weekend after it.