A Dance in Donegal by Jennifer Deibel


Have you ever been drawn to a book just from the cover alone? When I first saw A Dance in Donegal, I knew I had to read it. The cover intrigued me to say the least and since I have red hair and an Irish husband, I knew it would be a keeper. And I wasn't wrong!

A Dance in Donegal starts off with Moira Doherty, a young woman who decides to fulfill her mother's dying wish to return back to her hometown in Ireland. While there, she becomes the new schoolteacher but she is faced with a lot of problems; a family scandal among one of them.

This debut novel was amazing to say the least. I loved how it captivated me and kept my attention. Plus I never knew where the story was going to end up! I love all the twists and turns in the plot and learning the secrets behind people. If you love the rolling hills of Ireland, the 1920's, and sweet romances, then this one is for you!