Getting Through a Socially Distanced Christmas


COVID-19 has ravaged the globe this year, and it has left many people isolated and missing their loved ones. While social distancing and other precautions are necessary to keep people safe, it has meant that a lot of plans and festivities have had to be canceled, which has been disappointing, to say the least.

One of the hardest things you might be facing this year is the idea that you wont get to spend Christmas with the ones you love. However, although this year wont be quite the same, you dont have to spend the festive season feeling blue. Here are a few tips to help you keep the magic alive this Christmas, even if you are apart from family and friends this year.

Video Chat

You might have never used Skype, Zoom, or Facetime apps before the COVID pandemic, but by now you should be proficient at it. Luckily, this technology has made things a bit easier for people during this challenging year and has been utilized by individuals and businesses alike. Its not quite the same as having your friend or relative sitting next to you in the same room, but it is the next best thing. Consider timing your Christmas dinner with those you usually spend the holidays with and have a virtual feast. At the very least, video chat with some pre-dinner mocktails or a festive brunch.

Online Gifts

You probably already relied on online retailers to do most of your gift shopping during the festive period, but you probably wrapped the presents yourself ready to hand over to the recipient in person. If youre not seeing your usual crowd this year but still want to exchange gifts, find stores that offer a gift-wrapping service for you and send their present straight to their door, ready to put under the tree. Alternatively, you could look at different holiday giving ideas this year and donate to a charity instead.

Do Some Festive Activities

There are always plenty of things to do in the run-up to Christmas, such as visiting festive markets, picking out a tree, going to see a show or your office Christmas party. Sadly, most of these things will not be happening this year, and what usually put you in the festive spirit might not be an option for you this time around. To make sure youre still uplifted this year and to help you get in the mood, find some festive activities you can do at home. Things like baking gingerbread men, DIY decorations, a festive movie night, and so on. It might not be what you usually do at this time of year, but it will help bring some Christmas joy into your home!

The holiday season is one that many people all over the world look forward to each year, and it brings you together with friends and family. It is a shame that this might not be a reality for a majority this year, but this is why its important to make the most of it any way you can. Connect and make new traditions at home this year to help you get through a socially distanced Christmas.