A Fun Guide to Christmas Eve


2020 has been an unprecedented year, but we still all remain optimistic for Christmas, which is a magical time to look forward to yearly. Because of this, it is imperative that we make the most of the festive spirit and give ourselves an extra full day at Christmas. 


Let us not be up until 3 am wrapping the last-minute presents, trying to find a replacement box of chocolates for the ones we scoffed in secret two days ago while online shopping, and praying that we will get enough sleep in before the kids realize Santa has been.

Instead, let’s reclaim Christmas Eve and make it a very well-deserved extension of Christmas Day.

Here are some suggestions for fun things to do on Christmas Eve:



A Christmas Treasure Hunt


Let’s get right into it. Do we really need to keep treasure hunts for Easter?

Having a treasure hunt with friends and family is a great way to spend some quality time together and do something a little different on Christmas Eve.

If you aren’t going to see certain friends or family on Christmas Day, this is a pretty innovative and fun way to give them their presents to take home as well!

Just hide the presents around the house and give them fun little clues as to where they might be, either in real-time or in little notes! There are many versions of a treasure hunt so find one you love the sound of.



A Personalised Christmas Eve Box


For those who have just cleaned up the house and absolutely do not want their children rummaging around in the kitchen or tearing apart the couch, why not opt for a more quiet and peaceful way of sharing some little ‘get ready for Christmas’ gifts and treat your children to some beautiful personalised Christmas Eve boxes. These stunning boxes are handcrafted and personalized, and it is up to you exactly what goes inside to make their Christmas Eve even more special. Items could include fun Christmas pajamas, a classic Christmas film, and a few of their favorite candies if you can brave it before bedtime!



Make a Christmas Decoration


A lovely task to do on Christmas Eve, especially with children, is to create a Christmas decoration. The world is your oyster when it comes to what kind of decorations you can make, and you could even do a different theme every year!

These decorations can then be placed on the Christmas tree to enjoy on Christmas Day, and serve as a lovely memory of the previous year when you do it all over again!





If you are in a position to, volunteering on Christmas Eve is a great way to spend your time. There are so many ways you can volunteer, so do your research and see which option will best fit your time, energy, and commitment levels. From helping in a soup kitchen, feeding those who are struggling, to sitting down with your children and writing a letter to other children this Christmas, you will be sure to find something that will make both yours and someone else’s day.