Three Cooking Essentials to Revolutionize Your Kitchen


Making your kitchen into the perfect place to cook has never been more important. The virus pandemic that we’ve been experiencing this year has left many people without the regular meals out that they used to enjoy - but it has come with a silver lining: kitchens are social, exciting places once more. Families are learning to cook with new ingredients, making new recipes to enjoy. Individuals are buying cookbooks and looking online for culinary advice. That’s exactly where this article comes in - offering three kitchen essentials you can no longer do without.

Blender or Mixer

There are literally dozens of uses for a blender or a mixer in your kitchen - and if you’ve been doing without one for the past few months, you have our sympathies. Not only are you able to make delicious smoothies with a blender - the kind that you’ll not be able to find in any store or restaurant - but you can make soups, stews, pastes, sauces, and even dough in these devices.

If you’ve got into your curries - or you’re interested in how to make a simple masala base that most curries require - you can’t do it without a simple blender or hand mixer. Into Lebanese cuisine? Both hummus and traditional stews are made with hand mixers, too. This is a vital new item to purchase for your kitchen.


Next up is a cooking piece of equipment - namely an electric griddle. Now, why is this considered important when you already have a frying pan in your home? Well, there are plenty of reasons, the most obvious of which being that you can just slap anything down on your griddle - be they vegetables you want to roast, or meats that you want sizzling in the space of five minutes - and it’ll cook perfectly.

But there are other advantages of an electric griddle - especially for small kittens with only one or two stove places and little room to maneuver. The griddle can add a lovely char-grilled element to any meal, and can even heat up food that you’ve kept in the fridge, if you’re making a quick meal from leftovers. Enjoy a griddle and boost your kitchen’s utility this winter.

Cocktail Shaker

Well, you’re not going to be out buying cocktails with the girls any time soon, are you? The virus has placed a bit of a stop on nightlife, which has forced those in the mood to party to conduct such events solely in their homes - and a cocktail shaker is just the thing you need to get the party started.

A cocktail set - including strainer, measuring equipment, and other bits and bobs to help you with garnishes - will set you back $30. It might be the best $30 you ever spent - you’ll be able to learn new recipes each week, inviting friends and family over to your place in order to shake up some treats for those you love. Get scouring the web for the tastiest recipes for drinks to make your kitchen a wonderful social space this winter.

These three kitchen additions are essential for revolutionizing your kitchen as we head towards 2021.