MyPropertyID is the Best Home Security System for 2021

Back in the spring I posted about MyPropertyID and how easy it is to use. Now I wanted to write a follow up on my experience with them. 

Just as a refresher, this is how MyPropertyID works:

  • You order their kit which is a one time cost. There are no hidden monthly bills or anything else you will pay. 
  • When you receive your kit, you will attach labels to your high end items near their serial numbers.
  • You will then record the serial number next to each of your label numbers for each item into their database.
  • Next you will put stickers on your doors warning others that all your valuable items are labeled and in a registered database.
  • Lastly, you will print out a hard copy of all the serial numbers and labels to keep for your records.
So what are my thoughts so far on the MyPropertyID kit? 

This is literally so easy, it's just like having a licence plate on your stuff. It works the exact same way. We put licence plates on our cars and have VIN numbers in the dashboard because if they are ever stolen, they are both linked to us. Yes, you can take the tag off the car, but the VIN is still in the car which will help you recover it if it is ever stolen. 

So why would I want this kit vs. Ring or ADT?

Believe me, I understand. I have both Ring and ADT but I don't particularly like them. First, Ring doesn't capture everything if you live on a busy street. Or if you have a lot of movement near the camera, like with hanging plants. If you want it to capture everything, it drains the battery quick. And I mean quick. And a lot of times, it doesn't even alert you when the battery is dead. And to top it off, even though you buy the equipment for one price, if you want to check your cameras, you have to pay a monthly fee, WHICH they will continue to charge you for even if your camera has been dead for months. 

ADT is a security system with a panel inside your house and you can also add on cameras, window sensers, etc. It's a great idea, but after you've paid for it for years and no one has broken into your house, it feels like you are just wasting money. So basically you are paying monthly for something that is doing nothing for you but giving you peace of mind. MyPropertyID can give you that same peace of mind for a one time cost. Once you pay, you are done. There are no hidden fees.

So what exactly is the point of MyPropertyID?

Like with any other security system, MyPropertyID gives you peace of mind. It's peace of mind that if something did happen, your items will be safe. Yes, alarm systems are good, but let's be realistic. If someone breaks into your house, they have about 5 to 10 minutes to grab what they can and run before the alarm alerts the police that something isn't right. Then by the time the cops actually get there, the robber is long gone and so is your stuff. And if you don't have serial numbers to all your items, the police can't prove it's yours even if they find it with all the scratches you say it had on it. The only way you can prove something is yours is with the serial number being tied to you. That is solid proof and that's where MyPropertyID comes in.

So let's see this scenario: You had ADT and Ring and someone just broke into your house. They grab what they can and run. You don't have any serial number identification for the police but you were able to catch a little footage on your Ring camera of them. But does this prove that it's your TV sitting in a pawn shop 75 miles away? No it doesn't. It could be anyone's.

Now let's try with MyPropertyID: You have MyPropertyID tags attached to all your major items and you have all their serial numbers uploaded in their database online. Someone breaks into your home and steals what they can. Now when you call the police, you can print out or email your serial numbers from your personal account on MyPropertyID and give the cops the evidence that it's yours. 

What if they try to pawn it?

If you have your serial numbers and you have reported your items to the police, it would be in the FBI database for stolen goods. Anytime anything goes into a pawn shop, they have to run the serial number through this database by law to make sure it's not stolen. If it ever did end up in a pawn shop, the person who pawned it would be arrested.

What if they try to sell it under the table?

The police recover millions of suspected stolen items every year. These seized items are stored in warehouses and ultimately destroyed. None of it can be used as evidence to convict criminals. That's because the police have zero way to trace the items back to the rightful owners. Honestly, trying to sell something under the table wouldn't be a smart thing to do because the MyPropertyID tags that are right by the serial number are very hard to remove. Other than your identification number on it, it also has in big words, Burglary Deterrent. So unless they are super stupid, they wouldn't want to mess with this property since it's already telling them it's marked property. 

The basic idea is peace of mind just in case. You wear a seatbelt not because you are wanting to get in an accident that day, but just in case you do. You keep a smoke alarm in your house not because you want a fire but just in case you do have one. It's the same principle with marking your property. You don't do it hoping you get burglarized, you do it for the peace of mind of just in case you do, you have proof to get your stuff back. Think of it like this, if we didn't have licence plates and VIN numbers on our cars, how could we prove it was ours? Cars all look exactly the same now. So if my red Dodge Journey SUV got stolen, how many others that look identical are driving on the road right now? I could only prove it was mine with my VIN. And the same thing goes for property as well. TV's and computers all look the same. It's the serial number that ties you to it. 

What's the bottom line cost?

ADT is a monthly charge normally $65+ and you have installation fees and a contract for at least two years.
Ring has a monthly charge if you want to be able to access your cameras and you have to initially buy the equipment. There is no contract.
MyPropertyID is a set one time cost of around $39. There are no other fees. No Monthly fees, no contracts, nothing else ever. Plus it ships for free worldwide. This makes it the best no monthly fee home security system. And it's a cheap home security system too since it's a fraction of the price of the others. It's cheap home security and peace of mind at the same time.

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