Make Your Kitchen Smell New With Arm and Hammer Garbage Disposal Cleaners


Have you ever walked into your kitchen and smelled something totally gross? And then had no idea where it came from? That happened to me recently so I put my nose to the test to find out just what was making the smell. After sniffing everything including the garbage can, I found out that the smell was coming from my sink! Gross right?

It's inevitable that our sink will eventually smell especially with food passing through it. Not all food will go completely through the pipes and sometimes residue will rot inside leaving a horrible smell for us. But with Arm and Hammer Garbage Disposal Cleaners, you can help take care of that awful smell.

Using them is easy. Just turn your water on and turn the garbage disposal on. Drop one of the balls into the garbage disposal and you will instantly smell the scent released in the air. Plus even if you stop the water, you can turn it back on for the scent to come back for a while. 

Using baking soda, the disposal cleaners really help to eat away the odor. And it makes your kitchen smell super clean afterwards.

If you want a clean smelling kitchen, I highly suggest checking them out!