How To Prepare For A New Pet Dog


Bringing home a new dog is an exciting time, but there’s plenty to think about. To save yourself the stress, it’s important to get ready for the arrival of your furry friend! To get started, consider these five ideas to get yourself nice and prepared.

1. Get Your Pet Insurance

Before you bring home a new dog, you should research pet insurance packages, to find the best deal for you. Pet insurance will cover things like veterinary bills if your dog becomes sick or injured. Pet insurance also covers unfortunate events, including the theft or loss of your dog, or any treatment they require for behavioral issues.

2. Plenty Of Dog Toys

For dogs, toys are essential items as opposed to luxury items. Toys can improve your dog’s well being. Dog toys can provide comfort, ease boredom, support exercise, and even improve some behavioral issues. When you are choosing toys for your dog, it’s important to choose toys that are safe. The safety of a toy will likely depend on your dog’s size, strength, and habits.

3. Prepare Your Home

Before you bring a new dog home, it’s essential to prepare your house. It’s a good idea to put childproof latches on your cupboards; this will ensure that your dog cannot pry them open. Make sure that all chemicals, medications, and other toxic products are kept on high up shelves. Ensure that your trash cans are covered up too. Put away all games and children’s toys; dogs have a habit of chewing everything. (Many household items will quickly become a choking hazard)!

4. Try Doggie Apps

Want some extra help to look after your doggie? There are lots of apps that you can try:

  • Puppr: The Puppr app offers video lessons to help you train your dog and teach it plenty of tricks. If you have a question about training, simply pop your question into the message chat, and someone will get back to you.

  • iKibble: Many pet owners like to give their animals leftovers food. The problem is, lots of the foods we eat are toxic to dogs. With the iKibble app, you can check which foods are doggie safe and which are not. You can check the health rating of various foods, and use the app to improve your dog’s nutrition.

Whether you’re bringing home a puppy or a fully grown adult dog, these apps can support you in improving your dog’s well being. To take a look at some adorable puppies, check out No matter what kind of dog you choose, it’s essential to do lots of research.

5. Prep Your Grooming Kit

Next up, you’ll want to prepare your dog’s grooming kit. You’ll need basic items such as a comb, a brush, nail clippers, doggie toothpaste and a toothbrush. You’ll also need doggie shampoo, and some ear cleansing solution. You can always take your pooch to a professional dog groomer, but many pet owners prefer to groom their animals at home.