DIY Maintenance Tasks to Do This Fall


As the temperatures start to cool off, the leaves start to turn color, and the calendar marches forward, there is no denying that fall is just around the corner. And while it may not be ideal for swimming and hitting the beach, fall is often the perfect time to tackle all those DIY home maintenance tasks that you were putting off due to the hot summer heat. These are tasks that will ensure your home stays secure, safe, and comfortable during the winter.

So what maintenance tasks should you tackle? Here are a few you can add to your “to do” list and start making you way through.

Inspect Your Home's Siding

If your home has exterior siding, this is the perfect opportunity to do a visual inspection of the entire perimeter. You want to be sure everything is secure and free of damage so that you know the house will remain insulated and protected from the rain - and potential snow - that is coming later in the year.

So what are the affordable 5 signs you need to hire a siding contractor? Top signs to watch out for include discoloration and fading of the siding, warping, cracks, peeling paint, dry rot or mold, and a gradual or sudden increase in your power bill since the insulation is no longer working properly. Should you see any of these warning signs, it’s best to bring in a contractor to give you a quote on repairs or replacement.

Clean Out the Gutters

Cleaning the gutters should also be on your to do list in the fall, especially considering all the debris that is likely to build up in there as trees lose their leaves and debris starts blowing around. You want to be sure there are no clogs in your gutters and drainage system that can lead to leaks and water damage down the road.

Replace Exterior Light Bulbs

Since it’s going to start getting darker earlier, now is the time to check all your exterior bulbs and replace any that have burn out. You want to be sure that all walkways and doorways are well-lit for safety and security reasons.

Fall is Perfect for Pruning

The cooler fall temperatures are also perfect for pruning overgrown tress, bushes, and hedges and giving them a neater shape and appearance. Regular pruning also helps to encourage new growth in the spring, so this is a great way to keep your greenery healthy.

If you have any plants that are sensitive to the cold, wind, ice, and snow you can also wrap them loosely in burlap and twine to protect them until spring.

Go Ahead and Get Painting

Finally if you’ve been wanting to paint your front door and/or garage door now is the time to do it. The paint will dry faster in the cooler temperatures and you won’t have to worry about bubbling happening.

This is just a small look at the many DIY maintenance tasks you can tackle this fall.