5 Reasons That Cape Town Is the Perfect Spot for Your Destination Wedding


There’s no denying that South Africa is a troubled country. However, it is also a beautiful one. If you plan carefully with the help of travel agents who know the area, or by doing your own independent research, Cape Town could be the perfect spot for a destination wedding and a once in a lifetime vacation into the bargain!

Gorgeous Beaches

Cape Town is a port city located on the southwest coast of South Africa, and as you might expect it boasts an array of spectacular beaches. It benefits from a Mediterranean climate, meaning that the summers are warm and dry, perfect weather for a trip to the sea.

Check out Llandudno if you’d like a secluded beach surrounded by boulders and filled with white sand. It’s a fantastic beach for surfers, and a gorgeous location to watch the sunset. Be warned though; the water is very cold so you may want to wear a wetsuit! It’s also quite a way from anywhere, so if you’re planning to be there for the day, it’s a good idea to bring a picnic.

If cold water puts you off, then Muizenberg beach is probably the one for you! The water is warm - perfect for longer swim or surf sessions. It’s also a little closer to civilization than Llandudno, and you’ll be able to take surfing lessons there too.

Excellent Wine

South Africa is known for its delicious wine, and you’ll be able to buy enough wine for your guests much more cheaply if you’re in the country!

You could also make a visit to South Africa’s oldest wine estate Groot Constantia part of your time there, where you can take part in a cellar tour and of course some wine tasting.

It’s Budget Friendly

The pound, euro and the dollar are all trading strongly against the South African Rand, so you will get a great deal by having your wedding in South Africa. For example, if just you and your partner were wanting to elope to South Africa and stay in luxury accommodation in Cape Town for five nights, you would be looking at around R15,000 to R70,000 which is about $800-$5000.

Save yourself even more money by buying everything you can while you are there, the wedding dresses in Cape Town are just as stunning as their counterparts in the US and the UK or Europe, but a fraction of the cost.

Stunning Landscapes

Cape Town is nestled beneath the iconic Table Mountain, a stunning backdrop for any wedding. Alternatively, you could choose to get married to one of her many beaches, or you could get married right on the harbor front in the town. The choices are almost limitless!

Easy Communication

Most people in South Africa speak excellent English, which makes planning your wedding there much easier than some other locations for destination weddings and removes some of the stress of organizing such an important day!

For the legal side, all you will need is to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment from your home countries home affairs office and make sure that you bring a valid passport with you along with three passport ID sized photographs.