5 Home Improvements to Make for Winter


As the summer dies out and we start to approach winter, our focus starts to turn from keeping our homes cool to keep them warm. Winter brings its own unique challenges for homeowners, and there are plenty of home improvements you can make to help you prepare.

With these five home improvements, you can help get your home ready for the winter ahead, keeping out of the cold and enjoying the comfort of your house.

Switch Out Your Old Boiler

The last thing you want is to come back home on the coldest day of the year only to find your boiler has given up the ghost. If your boiler is looking like it’s on its last legs, then now is the time to look at getting a replacement.

A new boiler will not only ensure you’re not left in the cold, but it will also generate heat much more efficiently, saving you money on your bills.

Double Glazing

Sticking with the theme of efficiency, double glazing can make a big difference in the winter. The majority of UK houses have switched to double glazed windows these days, but there are still some with inefficient single glazed windows.

Double glazed windows help keep the heat in your house, meaning your heating system has to work less hard to keep the house warm. This can save you a significant amount of money on your bills, as well as reducing your environmental impact.

Update Your Bathroom

One room you want to enjoy when the weather is cold out is your bathroom. If this room is outdated and cold, then it’s just not enjoyable, so coming into winter is the perfect time to get it revamped.

Woodstonebathrooms.com has a great selection of bathrooms that can rejuvenate your house and give you a sanctuary from the cold weather outside. Not only will this bring you lots of pleasure in the short-term, but it can also boost the value of your house in the long run.

Seal Up Cracks

It’s natural that a house suffers a little wear and tear over the years, and cracks will start to appear. If you don’t seal up these cracks, then they’re only likely to get bigger though, and they can be the cause of drafts that let the cool air in and your nice warm air out.

Identifying the bigger cracks and sealing them with a sealant is a great thing to do as you approach winter. It will help keep your house that bit warmer and stop potential entry points for any unwanted rodents.


Modern insulation can help keep heat in your house for longer, helping you to cut down on your heating bills.

One of the main concerns coming into the winter is keeping your house warm, but if you’ve not got the right insulation, this is going to be much harder. Your heaters are going to have to work that bit harder, pushing up your bills and having a larger impact on the environment.