The OxiClean On-The-Go Stain Pen

Do you have someone in your family that always seems to spill on their clothes? My husband is that person for me and he has stains on almost all his clothes. The bad part is that most of the time they are stains that are hard to  come out so they can't just wait for the wash to start. They need some immediate help. And that's where the OxiClean On-The-Go Stain Pen comes in. 

Everyone knows about the cleaning power of OxiClean and how it can work wonders in the wash. With their On-the-Go Stain Pen, you can keep it in your purse or in your pocket just in case a stain happens anywhere.

Using the pen is really easy too. The pen has hard nubs on it to help you scrub in the stain removal liquid. All you do is squeeze the pen and start rubbing the liquid into the stain. It might take a few squeezes but the stain does come out really well if not all the way!

Overall I love these stain removal pens and how they work. I know I will have one in my purse just in case my husband spills and we are out and I keep them in my house as well.