A Guide for Creating a Family-Friendly Garden


Having a garden is a win for any family, but you then need to make sure it’s ready and suitable for everyone to enjoy together. With so much potential with outside space, it’s time well spent to learn what you can best do to transform your garden or outside space into the ultimate family hangout.

  • Arrange Your Seating

You want somewhere comfortable for the family to sit when spending time together in the garden. It’s also a good idea to have a large table and chairs so that you can also enjoy family meals alfresco, or a table offers a place for children to sit and play whilst still being outdoors.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to implement seating and tables with shade options, like an overhead sun umbrella, in order to best protect your family at the hottest points of the day especially younger children.

  • Segregate Areas

So that all members of the family can enjoy the garden in their own specific way, it’s always good to separate certain areas for certain uses. Children could have a lawned area where they can set up their play space, and adults may want to border off their own decking area to sit and relax, or create their own vegetable or flower patch separate from the children’s play area.

Having different terrain (such as grass for the children, decking for you and gravel or soil) helps to mark off clear areas for different purposes.

  • Incorporate Artificial Lawn

Grass is a must if you want an outside space where young children or even pets can play and not have to worry about hard or cold ground. Soft lawn makes playing more comfortable and enjoyable, and lessens the risks of bumps or scrapes.

If your garden doesn’t already have grass, you can always use artificial lawn alternatives, such as from SYNLawn Houston, so that you can still create the family-friendly lawn of your dreams.

  • Border Your Space

For the best safety measures, as well as privacy, having a tall fence, hedge or border around the perimeter of your garden can create a happier space. You don’t have to worry about younger children being able to leave the garden or find a way out, and you can be less worried about being overlooked by neighbors or passersby while your family are enjoying time together in the garden.

  • Eliminate Anything Sharp

Try to think of soft alternatives wherever you can, including with your gardening habits. You want to avoid any sharp spikes such as those to aid with plant growth and might want to switch to planting flowers in soil rather than breakable flower pots, just to avoid any possible injuries or damage when children are exploring.

Final Thoughts

What’s most important is doing what’s best for your family, within your own means and with the space you have. You might not always be able to achieve everything you want due to budget or space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the perfect family garden when you think creatively.