5 Easy Ways To Make Family Meals Enjoyable


It can be hard to get everyone sat at the table for every meal, but when you do get a chance, it’s often a fantastic experience. It’s one of the best times to catch up on everything from the day and plan everything for the week ahead. Sitting together also helps each family member feel comfortable and able to talk and know that, for the most part, everyone is listening.

So how do you get together more often and make it as enjoyable as possible? Check out some of these top tips below:

1. Set aside a time for family meals

Rather than just whipping up something quick, why not plan ahead and set aside a time to sit down with the family. When you give everyone time, they’re more likely to be there. Plus, you can schedule it around after school activities and commitments to ensure there’s plenty of time to be available.

2. Reward good behaviour

If you have little kids, then mealtimes can sometimes be a struggle. First, there’s getting them to eat everything, and then, of course, if you have tiny tots, there’s a mess to clean up. To make it less stressful, reward good behaviour for sitting nicely at the table or trying to eat everything on the plate. For babies and toddlers, why not also try out these wipe clean weaning bibs from Bibado to help you manage the spillages.

3. Get the family involved

Preparing food for the whole family can take time, so why not get everyone involved. Kids often love being able to help even if it’s just peeling some potatoes or setting the table. Every little helps and these small efforts can make children feel good about contributing to family time.

4. Get creative with themed meals

Mealtimes don’t have to be boring. Why not have a themed night and change it up every week so that everyone has a chance to enjoy their favourite food. You could opt for Mexican, Indian, Chinese, or traditional American dishes to make it enjoyable. Plus, make food that gives you people a chance to mix and match what they like, rather than just serving it up without choice. Kids love experimenting, so, for example, dishes like fajitas are a great way to create your own exciting flavours at the table.

5. Have some digital downtime

Mealtimes are the perfect way to have some time away from digital devices, and yes, that means everyone, including adults. By having an hour or two free from distractions, it gives you a chance to make this time all about communicating and interacting on a deeper level. It could take some getting used to, and older kids may not be too happy about it, but once everyone is on-board, you’ll have device-free meals more often.

While it may not be possible to make time for family meals every night due to commitments - scheduling one or two a week can make the whole experience more enjoyable and less rushed.