Jazz Up Your Ceiling With These Amazing Tips

When you are in the midst of decorating your home, it’s easy to make a list of the colors and textures you want on the walls and the floors. The harder thing to do is to look up and do something about the ceiling in the rooms of the house. Most people like to leave their ceilings plain and white - the less fuss the better - but there is so much that you can do with it instead of leaving it as it is.

There are so many possibilities with color, patterns, textures and more. These can add dimensions to your living room and your hallways, and it’s a blank canvas to do anything you want and make it look great. You can use Homax products to add textures, or you can go a little bit more bold and paint the whole thing neon yellow (but don't do that!). Rooms in the house can look far bigger when you get people to look up, and with these tips, you can give your ceiling a dramatic makeover.

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Consider Wallpaper. While many people think that wallpaper is outdated and unneeded, you can appreciate wallpaper with patterns and colors that make a room look more modern. Have you considered putting this wallpaper onto the ceiling instead of onto the walls? It can act as an accent wall if you put it onto the ceiling of the room, and you will be able to really enjoy the way that it looks!
Patterns Rule. Stencils are the way to add patterns to the walls, so why not extend that to the ceilings? You can get some help to make your stencils stand out, but you should consider ensuring that the stencils you pick match the rest of the room.
Polka Dots. If there is one thing that will never go out of style, it’s polka dots. Polka dots make a boring room look fun, and the smaller they are, the more chic they look, too! Larger polka dots are great for kids, and you can even use polka dot stickers if you don't want to paint circles on the ceiling!
How About A Mural? A ceiling mural may not be something to come up in your radar, but it’s something that will really look beautiful. Hey, if the Sistine Chapel can pull it off, so can your living room!
Go Bold. We said not to do neon, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have a bold and bright color on your ceiling. Bright pink or purple might suit your pastel color scheme, which means that it will stand out and look amazing. Color can light up a whole room as much as you like, so choose the colors that you love the most and make it beautiful.

A ceiling isn't just an empty space, it’s part of the rest of the room. With the right patterns and colors, you can make it stand out and look beautiful all at the same time!