Having Trouble Concentrating at Home? Use Your Decor To Unclutter Your Mind

For many all over the world, the home has become more than just a place of peace and relaxation. It’s become more than just a place where you can be your true self in the company of the people you love the most. It has also become a workplace. There are legions of workers for whom the prospect of returning to the office still isn’t safe, and they’re doing their best to make a living from their laptop in the spare room, attic or any number of other improvised workspaces. The home has also become a kind of psychological fortress. A place where we can shut out all the world’s stressors and uncertainties and enjoy some time spent engaging in the hobbies and crafts that bring us joy and fulfilment. 

But whether you’re working from home or trying to take care of your mind and body by expressing yourself creatively, you may be feeling a dearth of concentration. With so much going on in the world, and so many distractions around the home, a rested and focused mind can be very hard to come by.

While you might not be able to do much about the former, you can take control of the latter. Here are some ways in which you can leverage your decor to unclutter your mind...

Embrace minimalism

Uncluttering your home can be a great first step towards decluttering your mind. It’s hard to focus when you’re surrounded by distractions. Embracing a more minimalist aesthetic can aid concentration while also helping your home to be a calmer and more relaxing place. Don’t worry, embracing minimalism doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all your personal possessions. Take a look at this post which will help you to dismiss the misconceptions about minimalism. 

Create an infrastructure for cleanliness

A clean and tidy home is highly conducive to concentration, while dirt and mess can be highly distracting. Invest in the infrastructure for a home that’s quick and easy to keep clean and tidy. For instance, your carpet can quickly accumulate stains and distracting odors which can break your concentration and reduce the enjoyment you get from your living / working space. Swapping out your old worn carpet for the cool and soothing tones of Grey Laminate Flooring makes your living space calmer and more peaceful as well as much easier to wipe / mop clean. 

Inspire yourself

Whether you’re trying to overcome creative block or trying to come up with the perfect idea for a new project, you need to provide some sources of inspiration within your home. Why not wear your inspiration on your walls? Whether you hang a statement piece of wall art or a beautiful framed photo or perhaps a wall sticker of a famous quote that resonates with you, or you simply want to find inspiration in the swirls of a flower or the ridges of a plant, use your decor to inspire yourself!

Try aromatherapy

Finally, we’re more than just visual creatures. We respond very well to olfactory stimulation. As such, you should consider using aromatherapy to bring the inspiration when you need to be invigorated. Use an essential oil diffuser with oils like black pepper, citrus or peppermint. These can refresh and excite the senses and keep you out of a creative or cognitive slump.