Why Are Your Windows So Dirty?

For a lot of homeowners, window cleaning is one of those chores you would rather leave for as long as possible. Most people clean their windows a handful of times a year. Twice a year is a definite favorite, once ahead of spring, and once in winter. But, for some people, the joy of clear windows is only short-lived. Ultimately, it can make it frustrating when your washed windows continue to appear dirty. You expect long-term results from your efforts, so when your windows remain stained, you may feel like giving up. However, you should investigate the issue rather than throwing away the sponge and abandoning all hopes of clean and bright windows. Here are the top 4 reasons why your windows are never clean:  

Glass is stained and damaged
There’s a reason why windows replacement exists. Your windows can’t last forever. Even if you don’t have any air infiltration issues, there may be other problems. Permanent marks and stains on the glass are a dead giveaway that your windows need changing. When you can’t remove the stains, regardless of how much you scrub the surface, it’s time to get a new window. Ultimately, marks that are scratched through the surface of the glass can weaken its structure. Your dirty windows could crack under strong pressure, such as sudden change of temperature, or violent rain hitting the glass. 

Your kitchen doesn’t ventilate cooking
Cooking is an act of love. You cook to feed those you cherish, and as such, it’s a way of showing them you care. Therefore, while it can be daunting to learn to appreciate your kitchen, getting familiar with recipes, baking, and some of the most useful utensils could help you become a better cook. And, let’s be honest, seeing the smile on their faces is rewarding enough! However, every enthusiastic cook should pay close attention to their kitchen fan. When your hob can’t ventilate and filter greasy particles, the surrounding windows are likely to be covered in tiny food particles. 

Your pets are curious
Dogs and cats are naturally curious. When they are left indoors, they tend to sit behind a window and observe their surroundings. Some pets have favorite spots; others will move from a window to another as the day passes. The bottom line is that you’re going to find a lot of artsy prints left on the glass at nose level. Urgh. And here’s the fun part: It’s a mixture of saliva and snot which can get sticky, slimy and really hard to remove. You will need a specialist solution, such as vinegar and water, to cut through the mucous residues. In the long term, you want to find a way to let them enjoy the view without sticking their noses against the window! 

Do you live in the middle of town?
If you live in an urban area, your windows are likely to capture small pollutant particles, such as car fumes or industrial activities. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to filter these on the outside of your home. You can use air filters to stop them from creating stains indoors, which can make a difference to your health and interior!

Keeping your windows clean is hard work! However, if you understand the cause of your problem, you can find different ways of tackling the issue.