Hiring an Education Lawyer for your School

When people think of education law, they often think of parents hiring lawyers to help them navigate IEPs that aren’t being honored, or cases of discrimination or negligence. While education lawyers definitely do assist in these cases, the truth is that education law encompasses a lot of other types of cases, too. 

Many educators, administrators and school board members have hired experienced lawyers to help them navigate the ins and outs of running a school and dealing with various education matters as they crop up. It’s a good idea to have an education lawyer on retainer to help you stay abreast of laws, regulations and other legislation that you need to be following and to stay on top of any matters that may arise (and if you run a school, it’s a given that eventually there will be an incident). These lawyers will handle any issues as they arise and represent you/your school in any legal matters that may find their way to court, as well as appearing on your behalf in tribunals, before child and family services, and in the event of any concerns about a child at your school. They will help both you and the parent, as well as represent the best interests of the child. 
Education lawyers must stay up to date on a wide variety of legal issues that pertain to the education field. From special needs/special education to harassment, discrimination, disciplinary practices, state legislation, education memorandums and policies, employment, criteria and educational curriculum and many others. They are the best point of contact if you have any questions or concerns about these various issues within the individual school system. 
Those who run not for profit schools find it especially helpful to have an education lawyer on their side to help them with the day to day running of their school. Having a lawyer on retainer will ensure that you handle things like licensing, registration, compliance, permits and certifications, employment, payroll and so much more while performing within the parameters of the law. Often, non-profit workers are underpaid and understaffed so having a lawyer on hand will protect you and your employees. Lawyers can assist you in accessing funding available to your school, getting grants and other types of assistance, navigating city and county guidelines, and so much more. They will step in wherever there is any kind of discrepancy in contracts and ensure that you’re able to navigate all of this while focusing on what’s important: your students. 
If your school has several special needs students who require IEPs and other protocols, having a lawyer on hand will add an extra layer of protection for that student as well as you, the school. IEPs can be very complicated and often a school must act as a liaison between parent and state government; a lawyer can step in and act as the middle man for you, parsing through complicated legislative language and ensuring that both school and student get the resources they need and have their rights honored. 
An education lawyer can also handle employment issues, grievances, termination and contract issues as well as look into complaints and more. Having a lawyer on hand will make you and your employees feel much more comfortable. They can help you establish a disciplinary committee and help you navigate effectively and compassionately in cases of harassment, discrimination, and more. 
If you’re interested in hiring an education lawyer for your school, whether it’s for one specific issue or you’d just like to have one on retainer, consult a local education firm today. Many first time consultations are free, or you may find additional information online. A reputable education lawyer will speak to you about your specific school and its legal requirements and needs and help you determine if hiring an education lawyer is in your best interests. They can also discuss their fees and other details to help you make an informed decision. Whether you hire them on retainer or on a case by case basis is up to you and your board of education. 
Running a school can be very complicated and full of pitfalls. Hiring a lawyer for your education team is one of the smartest and best things you can do for your school, your employees, and your students alike. Look after your rights as well as the rights of your employees and students by contacting a reputable, local education law firm today. Your school will thank you for it.