3 Easy Ways To Achieve Home Luxury On A Budget

We all like to have a little bit of luxury in our lives. This is why we save up to go on swanky vacations, head to spas at the weekend, and enjoy fine dining in top restaurants. However, luxury jaunts tend to be a bit of a treat. Rather than seeing all things sumptuous as something we have to save up for, you can inject a bit more pampering and luxury into your everyday existence. Luxury tends to mean expensive. However, this needn’t be the case. Take a look at these three easy ways to achieve home luxury in a budget.

Look Up

All too often, modern homes tend to be relatively plain. To inject a little bit of opulence into your living environment, you need to put some of the ornate back into your decor. Consider whipping up some cornice with the most patterned coving that you can find. Consider putting up some ceiling tiles that emulate the patternation of the Victorian era. These tiles are infinitely cheaper than the plaster replicas and can be painted the color of your choosing. To finish off, adorn your ceiling with a ceiling rose. Couple this with a shop bought chandelier and you have a luxurious living room. 


Building up layers of furnishings within each of your living spaces creates a sense of luxury. A few cushions scattered here and there across your sofas is drab. Instead, place some throws over your seating and mix up textures and patterns. A silk throw coupled with velvet cushions, thick drapes and luscious woolen blankets makes your room comfortable. It is this homely feel that creates a sense of luxury. Do the same in your bedroom, building up layers of soft furnishings on your bed. Pair this with a thick set carpet that has a soft feel underfoot. This is the most effective way to mimic the boutique hotel rooms that you’ve stayed in in the past.

Focal Points

Every room should have a focal point of some sort. In your living room this could be your fireplace. Forget about maintaining the 1960s monstrosity that you currently have, and instead, install a Victorian replica complete with tiled surround and slate hearth. Alternatively, you might want a luxurious wood burning stove to tie in with your country cottage styling. These focal points would be well maintained and looked after. Add some ornaments, candles and subtle lighting to draw the eye further. Gentle hues combined with a roaring fire is perfect to create an atmosphere that you relish being in.

Going for a luxury look needn’t be expensive. Laminate emulates real wood effect flooring. Lino can create slate effects. You don’t need to buy the artisan paint when DIY store shop bought will do. Fireplaces sound expensive, but head to a reclamation yard and you can recycle a vintage one of a kind piece for a bargain. Follow this guide and you will be able to add some luxury into your home without breaking the bank.