Self Employed? Productivity Hacks To Save You Time And Money

When you’re self employed time is everything. All time spent doing administrative tasks or things not
related to your direct trade is time you could be investing in getting more clients, attracting people to
your business or doing your actual job. Organisation plays a huge part in the smooth running of your
business. But there are other things you can do to ensure your time is properly spent. It’s worth
mentioning each business is different, and depending on what kind of industry you’re self employed
in may change the amounts of time you’ll be spending on other tasks. However, there will always be
room for improvement and universal tasks from which time can be shaved off. Being self employed
can be scary to some extent because you’ll only be confident if you’ve got another job lined up. Try
some of these tips out and hopefully they’ll free up some more of your time for the more important
tasks your business necessitates. Good Luck out there!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Organisational Help

A lot of self employed don’t like spending money on items which affect their bottom line. You just
need to see it as an investment in your business. For example, hiring someone to answer your phone
when your busy doing the actual work can be a great investment. It gives your business a professional
sheen. It also means you don’t miss out on vital calls, some which could be inquiring about potential
future jobs of business ventures. If you don’t miss out on these you could end up with a more secure
future. There’s other help too. Websites like can ensure you can
always read mail when you’re working away. The trick is to research what’s out there and ensure
you’re doing the best you can by your business. Expenditure isn't always a bad thing if it can end up
making your business look better and giving you a better yield. It might be a risk in some cases, but
most business owners will tell you that a little bit of risk can pay off.

Tax Help

Again, the costs involved around tax help mean the self employed will often sit down and try to
crunch the numbers. Granted, this comes easier to some than others and you might not find it a chore
at all. But for some, it’s a nightmare. You don’t have to do it. Consider getting help doing your tax and
accounting. It doesn’t always have to be expensive either do a little research and you might be
surprised. Having someone do them for you might also come with some extra benefits. Professionals
might know of certain grants or exemptions you could be entitled to. There have been cases where
hiring specialists like this have ended up gaining more money in the long term so it’s worth doing.
You don’t even have to hire someone. Websites like QuickBooks and similar have the software needed
to help you construct your tax returns.

Dedicated Work Space

This certainly applies if your work is office based. Even if your work takes you out or into other
people’s homes, if you’re a tradesman, for example, then you might have paperwork to do. Try to
acquire a dedicated workspace in your home. It’s extremely important to separate home and work.
When you work at home, for whatever reason, this becomes tough. The easy, quick hit, is by creating
a home office. A desk is all you need. Then you have a dedicated space for your work. There are
dozens of potential inspirations online if you’re struggling about your office design. You should try not
to work in places you like to relax. Like on the sofa in your living room, and especially from bed.
Doing so means you’ll struggle to transition from working to relaxing. Keep the two spaces separate.
Having a place you work in a dedicated way means you’ll get more done as you associate the place
with work and work alone.

Focus On Sleep

Your working hours are erratic. Being self employed means your work life balance may be a bit up
and down. You might do more in one week than the next. But you must always ensure you get the
right sleep. Not doing so may get you more money in the short term. But in the long term you may
start turning out shoddier work. It could impact the reputation of your business and you don’t want
that to happen. If you get the right sleep, your concentration won’t be impacted. Try to make sure you
stick to a sleep plan where you will always get the minimum required hours sleep.