Keep Your Items Safe with MyPropertyID Registry

A few years back, we were the victims of something being stolen from us. As a blogger, having a good high powered camera is a must when taking pictures. I had bought a beautiful Canon DSLR camera with a gorgeous zoom lens on it. But unfortunately one night it was stolen right from our house. I can't express the anger I felt that someone would take a camera that had family pictures on it without even caring. And the hopeless feeling we had when the police were never able to find it.

Today, there are ways to find property that is stolen from you a lot easier. High end items typically have a serial number attached to them. But most people don't know the serial numbers of the items they own. Knowing these numbers is so important because it will help the police be able to track your item.

That's why I wanted to share with you today about an amazing company called My Property ID. My Property ID is a company that helps you label and record your serial numbers into a registered database.

How their site works is like this:

  • You order their kit which is a one time cost. There are no hidden monthly bills or anything else you will pay. 
  • When you receive your kit, you will attach labels to your high end items near their serial numbers.
  • You will then record the serial number next to each of your label numbers for each item into their database.
  • Next you will put stickers on your doors warning others that all your valuable items are labeled and in a registered database.
  • Lastly, you will print out a hard copy of all the serial numbers and labels to keep for your records.

So how does this help if something is stolen?

In order to recover stolen property, the police need serial numbers to show it belongs to you. If your TV is stolen but you don't know the serial number, then how can they find it and prove that it was actually yours? With MyPropertyID, you record your serial numbers and their label numbers into their database. If something of yours does get stolen, then you will have your proof that it belonged to you. And the police will have the serial numbers to put into their global database to find your items. Also if your item was found by a good Samaritan, they can simply go to MyPropertyID's site and put in your label number to say they found your item. You will then be contacted to alert you your item was found so you can get it back.

The entire process is very easy to do as well. With the help of my daughter, I would label the items near their serial numbers and she would read off the serial numbers for me as I typed them into the database. We did this on her video game systems, our TV's, our computers, tools and even my husband's tractor.

So how you are personally protected?

  • Worst-Case Scenario: Even if the ID labels are removed, when you file a police report, it’s the printout of the serial numbers on your privacy-protected database that get entered into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC). 
  • First Officer On the Scene: If a law enforcement professional catches a thief red-handed with the ID labels affixed, the FOUND page can be an instantaneous tool to justify an arrest.

The kit is very inexpensive and it's worth it to have that extra layer of protection. At my house, we personally have ADT as our security system, we have a RING camera on the front of our house and a security camera on the back and of course we have all our serial numbers recorded with MyPropertyID. 

I personally would recommend MyPropertyID to anyone who wants to safeguard their items.