Earn and Learn at Home with OneClass

Remember being in school and praying you got all your notes right for each class? Taking notes can sometimes be nerve wracking because if you miss vital information, you might not pass your test. Some kids are just naturally great at taking notes while others struggle.

I found a new site that I wanted to share with other homeschoolers to hopefully help them. OneClass is a place to get study materials and homework help. Most of the study materials are for college courses but they do have homework help for high school as well.

One of their great benefits is that during COVID-19, they are doing free livestream tutoring for high school and college courses to help your kids stay on top of their studies. Currently they are doing this 7 days a week and they have a schedule of the classes and at what time you can tune in for them.

You can also earn money with OneClass too! If you're currently enrolled in a college course, you can apply to be a Note Taker. Basically you would upload your notes for your approved college course to help others taking the class. You will be paid for each class you are approved for as well.

If you've already been through college, you can apply to be a Subject Expert which helps tutor kids in certain subjects. You can do this all from your home too making $20/hr. As long as you have a 4 year college degree or higher, you can apply for any subject you think you can tutor in!

Overall I am really impressed with OneClass and I hope their site can help you and your kids during this time.