Home Remedies for Your Family

There are many common ailments that you and your loved ones might suffer from time to time. It’s never a pleasant feeling being under the weather, but you might not want to reach for pills every time you feel mildly ill. A lot of people have become reliant on things such as aspirin, paracetamol, or ibuprofen for quick pain relief. All are perfectly safe to use, but where you can, it might be best to try natural remedies first. Listed below are a few home remedies you can try for common illnesses your family might face.

Common Cold

At least once in a year, you or a family member will catch a cold. Usually, it’s in wintertime that this will occur, but it could happen during any season. Colds are irritating and drain your energy as you fight the virus. There is no cure for the common cold, but there are plenty of over the counter products that can help to ease your symptoms. If you want to try some home remedies instead, you could mix honey and lemon in hot water to help soothe your throat. Eat plenty of vitamin C rich foods to help boost your immune system, and keep warm and hydrated.


Earache can be incredibly uncomfortable and painful. Often it could be an indicator of an ear infection, and in those circumstances, you should see a doctor and get the correct medication. Alternatively, it could be down to a build-up of wax in your ear canal, which increases pressure and discomfort in your ear. Lie down on the couch or bed with the sore ear facing up toward the ceiling. Have someone apply a few drops of olive oil into your ear and lay still for a few minutes while it softens the wax. Afterward, get up and using lukewarm water gently to flush the wax out. If this doesn’t work and the problem persists, you might have to seek expert help from professionals such as Imperialhearing.com.


Having a bad tooth can be excruciating, which is why practicing good oral hygiene is essential. However, even if you clean your teeth and floss daily, you could suffer from a toothache occasionally. Clove oil is an excellent home remedy to try and ease the pain as it contains eugenol, which is a natural anesthetic. If your problem continues, take a trip to the dentist to make sure it isn’t a symptom of something more serious.


Stomachaches can be caused by numerous things, such as over-eating, spoiled foods, or intolerances to certain food groups. Peppermint tea is recommended for easing mild stomach aches, and it is good to help promote healthy digestion. If you have noticed that you have stomach aches regularly after eating certain foods, consider having yourself tested for intolerances.
It’s essential to accept the fact that at times you will have to seek medical advice or use stronger medications to treat pain and illnesses. However, for milder conditions, you might be interested in trying these home remedies before you take over the counter treatments.