Guide to Creating Your Capsule Wardrobe

The old saying goes that fashions fade, but style is eternal, which is why more and more people opt for a capsule wardrobe. They know then that they have something for every occasion, and it is a slow approach to style, rather than a fast approach to fashion. If a capsule wardrobe sounds like something that will work for you, then choosing some items that are going to work for your style, your body, and your lifestyle, can be a big benefit. You can easily dress well, even when you have less to choose from. Here are some things to help you to create a capsule wardrobe of your own, and create the style that you want.

Get rid of comparison

It can be easy to see the style bloggers on social media with an immaculate capsule wardrobe, with some style collections and choice of colors that look great, but that just aren’t you. The good news is that you don’t have to have a capsule wardrobe that looks like everyone else's. Of course, you can have some basics that are similar; we can all not go too far wrong with a plain white tee, black dress, and a pair of blue jeans. But if you are constantly comparing, then it can feel quite overwhelming to even think of starting off your own capsule wardrobe, as well as feeling quite intimidating if you feel like you have to copy. 

The best thing to do is to work with what you have got, and then take the emphasis off shopping and style, and think about choosing the things that are going to matter most to you. From curvy clothing to choosing the style trends that work best for you, you should choose the clothes that make you happy, and that you will enjoy wearing. It doesn’t matter about other people.

Decide what is important to you for your capsule wardrobe

You will have some things that will have a higher priority for you than others. If you are coming up to winter time, for example, then having clothing that you can layer up and keep warm in, is likely to be the priority. If you are approaching summer, then you are likely to want some clothes that will keep you cool. Plus, there can be different priorities thrown in there, such as office wear if you work in a corporate environment, or casual and comfortable clothing if you work from home, for instance. Things like looking at what earrings will work best in your capsule wardrobe are less likely to be a priority over something like scarves and coats in winter. So plan ahead and prioritize, as you are likely to only have a budget for a certain amount of items. Choose wisely.

Eliminate fear

Believe it or not, then there can be a certain fear around having less stuff. There can be a feeling that you’ll one day need that dress that you donated, or have a fear that you will have the old cliche of ‘nothing to wear.’ This kind of fear can make you feel anxious about not having what you need for a specific event. It could also make you anxious about wearing the same thing as someone, or fearing that people will think that you just wear the same things all the time. There can also be a simple fear of just not wanting to try something new. So as a result, it is important to remember that these things are just temporary. Don’t get sucked up into having this fear, as fear can be overwhelming and consuming.

To help with this you could think about donating some of your clothes that you no longer need, but don’t get rid of it all. If there are some things that you wear fairly often, but they don’t necessarily fit into the capsule wardrobe you’re planning, they can still be worth hanging onto. It can then be a little like a security blanket; you know that it is there, and you know you can use it if you need to.

Picking your favorites

Having it all doesn’t mean that you simply own it all. So this isn’t the kind of mentality to have when planning your capsule wardrobe. Have a look in your closet, and think about what your favorite items are in there. Were those items things that you scrimped and saved to buy for, chose after seeing it in a magazine, or something that you got on sale? If there are any items that you have a few of, like black t-shirts or white shirts, then it could be a good idea to donate those; keep it simple. Again, look through your closet and find any items that were on-trend a while ago, but are definitely out of style now. They may have made you happy once, but if they just sit in the back of your closet, then they are items that you just no longer need in there. 

There is also an unexpected impact or side-affect that comes in when you’re thinking about simplifying your clothes. You will have less choice, which can be a really good thing. But as there is less choice, you can be wearing your favorite or best shirt, just for sitting around at home. This can be a confidence booster, and just help you to feel good. 

How do you spend your time?

When you are planning your capsule wardrobe, you might have grand ideas about what you want. You might like the idea of a blazer or a smart dressing. But if you spend the majority of your time at home, for example, then you might not get as much use out of them as you might imagine. So that can help from the shopping side of things. You should also think about the time that will be saved, just by having a capsule wardrobe. You will know what you have, what to wear with what, and eliminate many a shopping trip or changing room experience. Think about how to use that extra time that you will have, and then use it wisely.