5 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Energy Consumption

As time progresses, we use more and more energy on our technological items. Although the increased use of energy isn’t a good thing, it does mean there are developments in technology that can help us to reduce our energy consumption. Reducing our energy consumption is both good for the environment and your pocket because it will help you to save money. Below are a few simple things that you can do to reduce your energy consumption:

Turn off appliances when they aren’t being used
One of the easiest ways to reduce your household energy consumption is to turn things off when you aren’t using them. This means turning off lights when you exit a room or turning off your computer while you do something else. If you have appliances that stay on standby, it is better to turn them off at the wall or unplug them so that they aren’t using any unnecessary energy. 

Replace light bulbs
Another simple thing that can reduce your energy consumption and save you some money is to replace your light bulbs with LED bulbs. They are more expensive to buy, but they last a lot longer than incandescent bulbs, and they use significantly less energy. If you have strip lighting in your kitchen, you can also replace them with a Lepro LED tube light so that you are getting the benefit in every room. Making this change should save you a bit of money on your energy bills every month.

Buy energy-efficient appliances
When you need to buy a new appliance such as a fridge or a washing machine, you should try to invest in one that is more energy-efficient. It is not worth changing your appliances before they need change but buying an appliance with a high energy-efficiency rating will save you some money within the life-span of the item.

Insulate your home
Ensuring that your home is adequately insulated will make sure that it retains heat during the winter and that it stays cool during the summer. This will ensure that you do not need the heating or air conditioning on as much so the amount of energy that you use will be reduced, and, in turn, your bills will be reduced. It might be a costly investment, but it will save you a big chunk of money on your bills every year.

Change some of your behaviours

As mentioned above, turning off appliances is a good way to reduce your energy consumption and save money, but there are also a few other things that you can do. Take advantage of warm days by hanging your washing out on the line instead of putting it into the dryer. Turn your heaters down by a degree and wear a jumper around the house. It may even save energy to wash your dishes by hand instead of putting them in the dishwasher, especially if you do not have a full load. Being mindful of what you do, and adjusting your behaviour is a simple way to save energy.