Take a World Tour with Lets Go Geography

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

One of my favorite subjects in school was geography. I loved learning about the different countries and especially experiencing their cultures. I've always wanted to find Mary a homeschool geography curriculum that would take her on a "tour" of the world so I was thrilled to review Let's Go Geography. A few years back we reviewed Year 1 of Let's Go Geography so we were very excited to review Let's Go Geography Year 2!

Let's Go Geography is an online subscription for grades K-4 that will let your kids take a trip around the world. Using the lessons is super easy as well. You simply login to your account on the website and click on the year that you purchased (Either Year 1 or Year 2). Then you have access to all the lessons which are downloadable as PDF's.

The weekly lessons are very hands on and include things like crafts, coloring, videos and maps. I also loved how they gave you ideas for the books in the library as well. Going to the library to get books for unit studies has always been a staple for me when it comes to learning.

The weekly lessons shouldn't take a lot of time at all and they can be downloaded via PDF. Here are some of the activities you can expect in each lesson:

  • Locating the country on a map and learning basic facts about it
  • Listening to music that is native to the country
  • Coloring and printing the country flag to add to your "passport"
  • Watching videos that take you on a sightseeing tour of the country
  • An activity craft that correlates with the country
  • Printables including notebooking pages

Let's Go Geography can be used as a three year curriculum as well! Below is the layout for their three year studying program.

For our Year 2 study, so far we are on Jamaica. To focus on the countries a bit more outside of the program, we also try their foods which has been fun! For Mexico, we went to a Mexican restaurant, for Honduras and Costa Rica, we cooked some recipes at home, and then for Jamaica, we got a Caribbean themed snack box to see what kind of snacks they have in Jamaica!

With every lesson, we also plot the country on our color in map. This helps Mary remember where the country is located and also that she has learned about it. My hope is that we will have the entire map colored in by the time she finishes twelfth grade.

I think one of my favorite parts of each lesson is the videos! In each Let's Go Geography lesson, you have links to Safe YouTube videos where there are no ads. I love watching the videos because it gives a wonderful visual of each country.

Overall I am really impressed with Let's Go Geography. They have an amazing curriculum that is easy for planning for parents and really fun for kids. Each week is like visiting a whole new place and you can even further the learning with relevant books or unit studies like we did.

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