Making Your Home Brighter: How to Achieve More Natural Light

A regular source of natural light is a must for any happy home. Natural light can eliminate the need for overspending on artificial lights, can make your home appear bigger and brighter, and can have an overwhelming positive mental effect on you and your family.
If you feel as though your home could benefit from more natural light, here are some great ways in which you can achieve this.
Use Mirrors Wisely
If you don’t already have a lot of mirrors around your home, you should try to rectify that. Mirrors will catch sources of light and reflect them further around your home, making the space feel more illuminated. Try to position large mirrors close to sources of light from the windows. You can use freestanding mirrors or mirrors on the wall—whichever you prefer!
Mirrored and glossy furniture is also great for this.
Install Skylights
If you have a loft conversion that you use as a living space, then skylights are the best way to go. These windows will ensure a consistent source of natural light all day long. If you’re considering this form of home conversion, look into loft conversions North London for advice on the best conversion options.
You also have the option to install skylights if you have any home extensions, such as a sideways extension with nothing above the roof.
Don’t Overburden Your Windows
Heavy window treatments, such as large blinds coupled with thick curtains, may prevent light from flowing through. Make sure that if you have curtains you pin them right back during the daytime to promote as much light as possible, and that any blind treatments are able to be fully open. White blinds may also help, as these can better reflect the light.
You could also consider thinner curtain treatments such as voiles during the warmer months, which will truly allow all the light to spill in.
You may actually be surprised at how much more light filters into your home by simply making these small changes.
Go for Neutral Colors
A key method to making any room look and feel brighter is to opt for a more neutral color palette to better reflect and promote natural light. Bolder, richer colors can make a room feel heavier and darker.
It all depends on your taste, but there’s no reason that you can’t have bold color touches through accessories, or even a focal wall, if you keep the majority of the room neutral.
Optimize Your Flooring
Wooden, laminate, or tiled flooring can help to create a shine and to encourage better light placement, particularly if you use lighter colors of wood, such as light pine or white, or if you think about lighter colors of tiling. Compared to a thick and heavy carpet, this can allow your home to feel brighter.
This technique also works for the backsplash tiling in your kitchen and the tiling in your bathroom if you have windows in there.
As long as you keep your floors and tiling clean, it will always shine and better reflect the light.