Immufood IgG Food Intolerance Testing + Reveal!

Last year I had posted about being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and how it has altered my eating habits. Well I went into remission up until August of this year and then you probably noticed that I mysteriously disappeared from the internet. It was because I had went through a horrible flare that I am still fighting.

My flare started on August 11th and I ended up in the hospital for half the month of September. I received 4 bags of blood because of the amount I was losing, was put on steroids and eventually started Humira injections every other week. And not to mention that during this entire time, I could barely get out of bed so I lost muscle mass too.

It wasn't until November 11th could I get out of bed without an extreme amount of pain and I finally left the house after over 41 days of being in it. During that time, I started doing my own research about Ulcerative Colitis flares and how food can affect them. And it was also then that I noticed that whenever I ate soy products, I was in terrible pain. So I started wondering if there were other foods that were contributing to my inflammation.

That's when I found Immufood and their home testing kits. In the below videos, I show and explain all about testing for IgG food intolerances and then I reveal what I am sensitive to.

If you're suffering from auto-immune disorders, gut problems, etc, I suggest you check out Immufood because their testing is comprehensive and will help so much.

And now to the reveal video!

I truly hope this post and my videos have helped some of you. Living in pain because of a chronic illness is awful and I know firsthand how food can affect it.