3 Creative Ways to Make Fun Family Memories

I have never cherished family time so much until I got sick this year. Having an autoimmune disorder come out of remission is never fun but spending so much time in the hospital away from your family is the worst. Now that I'm finally healing, I am cherishing all the memories I can spend with my family like it's a brand new thing. And even though I have to wear a mask when I'm in public, I don't mind. As long as I'm with my family having fun, that's all that matters.

Spending time together as a family is a perfect memory in itself. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for more creative ways to record family memories and be able to look back on them happily in the future, then the below suggestions could be great for you!
  1. Take a Family Photoshoot Together
There’s nothing that preserves a memory more than a photograph, and with young children growing up far too fast these days, you may want to preserve your happy memories in print form to capture their childhood innocence. Photoshoots can also be a great way to bond and spend a fun day out together, as well as getting high-quality prints of the like you couldn’t achieve with your smartphone.
Professional services like Rife Ponce Photography know just how to channel your family’s energy to make photoshoots as personal as possible for you. You can then create the photographic memories exactly as you want them.
  1. Do a Little Gardening Together
Getting outdoors as a family is essential for fresh air, exercise and experiencing nature. That means any family bonding which can be achieved outdoors will always be a benefit. If you have the space and means to grow flowers, plants, and vegetables at home, then this can be an exciting and rewarding experience for all the family.
Not only will it help younger children to learn more about being responsible for something and taking care of it in order to watch it grow, but you can also have it benefit other areas of your life, too, such as growing herbs for cooking, growing flowers to have inside the home or making your garden that little bit more attractive.
  1. Make a Time Capsule
A time capsule presents an exciting family project. It can be an interesting experience to open a time capsule years in the future and think back to how your life was before, and how much you have achieved as a family. Kids who have grown up to be a lot older will undoubtedly love looking back at what they chose to place inside their time capsule.
Tips for creating a time capsule include:
  • Choose where you want to store it, for example, in a sealed container hidden in the house, or in a designated burial spot outdoors.
  • Pick the right container. This needs to be durable and be able to handle wherever you choose to store it, so if you are planning on burying it in the ground, the container needs to be able to protect the contents.
  • Choose what to store in the container. You could have every person choose an item to include, and even keep it a secret from one another.
  • Choose the date you want to return to the capsule and open it. This could be a milestone date, such as your child’s 18th birthday, or ten years from the date of hiding the time capsule. Choose a date which works for you and which you are going to be able to commit to.
Hopefully these fun-filled activity ideas have given your family some inspiration!