5 Tips for Designing a Minimalist Bathroom

Your bathroom is a space that you want to give the look and feel of both cleanliness and relaxation. Having a minimalist bathroom helps the room feel lighter, more spacious and open, and it helps you to maintain the pristine clean look. If you are upgrading your current bathroom or having a complete remodel done, these are some tips to keep in mind:
  1. Say Goodbye to Clutter

Bathrooms tend to be a place where clutter builds up - baskets of miscellaneous treatments, balms and salves and one too many bottles of shampoo and body lotion. Before you can start your bathroom transformation, take some time to filter through these items and make sure you get rid of anything that you will never use or is expired. Many health and beauty products actually have an expiry and best-before dates, so if something has been opened more than 2-3 years it may be already past the use-by date.
  1. Have Built-in Storage

The key to keeping things in their places is having optimum storage solutions. Having clever storage means that every item can be tucked away in its rightful place. Surfaces can remain free from clutter, making the space much more minimalist and fresher. Having cabinets flush with your sink counter or a drawer unit with clean lines will help to organize your space more efficiently.
  1. Modern Design

Minimalism is a very popular theme for bathrooms and can be seen throughout lots of great bathroom designs. You should browse through different examples to find your specific style, as minimalism can be done in a variety of ways. Some people like perfect angles, whilst others go for smooth curves. Modern design has a broad spectrum of minimalist designs for you to choose from, so you have plenty of choices. Also, consider the colours and materials you choose. Keeping the colour palette simple will help ensure the space remains open and fresh, with lighter colours and neutrals making the room brighter.
  1. Finding the Right Company

Fitting bathrooms is a specialist job, so unless you are a well-trained tradesman and are comfortable with plumbing, tiling and even plastering, look to the experts for help. Many bathroom companies provide both the bathroom suites and the fitting service, so you pay for the whole package; they are relatively easy to find. Choose a company that favours minimalism so you have more choice in selecting individual items for your bathroom and can seek design advice from them. For example, beautiful bathrooms Letchworth have a great choice of minimalist styles and have a team of experts who can provide tailored advice for a bathroom that fits your space beautifully. No two bathrooms are ever the same, so you want your bathroom fittings to all work with your space.
  1. Accessories

To maintain the minimalist design of your space, don’t get carried away with accessories and add more clutter. Opting for zero waste solutions gives your bathroom an improved look, helping you to be eco-friendlier as well as getting rid of unsightly plastic bottles.
Creating the perfect space is much simpler than you think. Minimalist bathrooms can stay stylish for years, so look after it and you will have a great bathroom that lasts!