Appeditlich Recipes from the Amish Friends Gatherings Cookbook!

I love to cook and find new recipes that my family will enjoy. I especially love when recipes have pretty much the same stuff I always buy in them too. I don't like when recipes call for strange ingredients like capers and such. I don't buy them so I wouldn't put them in a recipe either!

I also love anything Amish so I'm always on the hunt for Amish recipes. Amish recipes are some of my favorites because they are hearty but also not too expensive to make. Most of the recipes call for everyday normal things so it's fun to make them!

One of my favorite authors, Wanda Brunstetter, just came out with a new cookbook called Amish Friends Gatherings. It has over 200+ amazing recipes inside and I wanted to share just a few ideas of what's in it!

The picture at the top is Apple Bread. This is such an easy recipe to make and would be perfect for using apples that you pick in the fall!

This recipe is for Church Sugar Cookies which is delicious! No one can pass up sugar cookies and when they're homemade, it's even better!

And saving the best for last, Melt in Your Mouth Biscuits! I am a huge fan of biscuits, especially those with a Cracker Barrel quality to them so if you love those, you'll love these!

All of these recipes can be found in the free 25 recipe sampler e-book! You can sign up right here to get these lovely recipes right in your inbox. 

And if you want the entire cookbook with over 200+ recipes just like these, make sure to order the Amish Friends Gathering Cookbook here!