Top Tips for Hosting a Pool Party

The weather is heating up and a pool party, without a doubt, is one of the best ideas to get family together. It is a great way to keep cool in the soaring temperatures and also offers something a little different to watching a TV series together, especially when it is a great time to be outside. But, where to start when it comes to hosting a pool party?
 Follow these top tips to host a great get-together at the poolside.

A clean and healthy pool is crucial.”

Prepare the Pool 


 A crucial step before a pool party can begin is to have the pool ready and fit for enjoying. Depending on the pool size and how long it has been since it was last used, consider replacing the water, so it is fresh. Use a net to get rid of any leaves, insects, or debris, hoover the bottom of the pool to remove anything dangerous, and clean the walls. Make sure to use a pool disinfectant, which is safe to be in the water. Cleaning a pool can be very time consuming, and very costly, especially if the correct equipment needs to be purchased. Alternatively, opt for a pool cleaning service to take out all of the hassles, and ensure a professional finish!

 “Snacks are often one of the best parts of a party!”

Prepare the Snacks

What is a pool party without a classic snack table? An unhappy one! Jokes aside, snacks are often one of the best parts of a party, and with the pool being the main attraction, people are bound to work up an appetite after all of that splashing around! Making a list of the snacks that are going to be served at a party will help keep the grocery shop efficient, rather than being led from the pull of the tempting treat isles. Bear in mind foods that are good for boosting energy and keeping hydrated while writing the shopping list, for snacks to keep the guests going all day!

Do some research before you hit the store and check out some fun ideas for food by the pool, then get creative!

 “Think about accessories for both inside and outside of the pool, such as floats and bean bags!”

 Accessories for the Pool

Many parties have fabulous accessories to mark the occasion, and a pool party should be no different! For the inside of the pool, find some novelty floats, perfect for individuals or larger ones for families to sit together on the water and water games for those who like to indulge a competitive streak. For outside of the pool, think comfy seating options such as bean bags, hammocks, or loungers and make sure to have an adequate number of towels at hand, just in case they are needed! 

 If the party is expected to last well into the night after the children have gone to bed, opt for some subtle garden lighting around the pool, so everyone can still see where to go, and it adds to the ambiance!