Top Tips for Decluttering the Home

The majority of the world has quite possibly faced more time in the home than ever before, and some might have taken this time to completely declutter, and others might have realized the potential of a complete makeover. There are plenty of reasons why belongings might gather up, or the cupboard becomes bursting at its seams, and spring is always a great time to dust off those cobwebs and also throw out anything that is not of any use anymore. Here are some top tips on decluttering the home, on giving it, and those in it, a new lease of life.

Make a Decluttering Check List

Who does not love a list? One of the best things to do to encourage focus and allow productivity is to create a list of all of the rooms/boxes/or whatever it might be, to be decluttered. Lists can help prioritize, organize, and offer that feeling of accomplishment when an item is ticked off. Having an organized list can also help concentration on one item at a time, as to not become overwhelmed.

Start Small When Beginning Decluttering

The temptation to dive straight in and throw everything away might be strong, or terrifying, but whatever the emotion, one of the most useful things to do when decluttering is to start small. Think about what is needed, what is wanted, and what can be thrown out or donated, then proceed to do a little at a time. This will help with any overwhelming emotions, and also gives time to think about the process.

A Simple Exercise Called the 'Trash Bag Tango' for Decluttering

 When taking on a big project, making it as simple as possible will make the journey go much more smoothly. This is where simple exercises come in. The 'Trash Bag Tango' is an easy technique that consists of using two trash bags; one for trash and one for items to donate. 
 It is recommended to do this exercise for 10 minutes a day to light the decluttering fire and start creating a happy, healthier home.

Sometimes there is junk that just won't fit in a trash bag! Maybe there is some old furniture lying around being unused, or some broken large units such as a fridge taking up space? To get this out of the house as soon as possible, find a trustworthy junk removal service.

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A Decluttering Rule of Thumb

Has this item been used in the past 12 months? If it has not, it is probably safe to go! It is not uncommon to hold onto things that haven't been used for a while and might not be, so simply ask this question "Is this item worth the space it takes up in the house?" and use that as a trusty guide to declutter.

Take it Easy

And finally, take it easy. Accumulation of clutter and items do not happen overnight, which means ridding them does not have to either! Take it one step and a time, stay focused, and enjoy a cluttered free home!