Embracing Freedom: Women and Motorcycles

Motorcycles. Not something we would normally discuss on this blog, but it’s time we took a serious look at this alternative mode of transport and, more crucially, why girls should get into riding motorcycles.

How to choose a good first motorcycle for a woman?

Although motorcycles and mopeds are a unisex mode of transport, they are usually designed with men in mind. This is because 80% of riders are in fact, men! If women are to set themselves free and enjoy the feel of the open road on a bike, however, choosing the right one is an important decision. We’d suggest going to a specialist bike dealer who had a range of bikes to choose form. Somewhere like BMG Scooters who have a selection of bikes and a friendly team ready to help will make you feel at ease about your choice.

The main things to look out for when choosing a bike, especially as a woman, are height and weight. Since most riders are men, a lot of bikes and mopeds are designed more with the male frame and strength in mind. It’s important that the rider can reach the floor with her foot, because the higher the bike, the higher the rider, and the more difficult it is to control.

No one wants to think about dropping their bike, and if you do drop your bike, it could mean some serious repairs, so being able to steady a bike is vitally important. If the bike is too heavy for the rider to handle safely, then it’s not a great choice, especially for a first-time bike.

What age can a woman begin to ride a motorcycle or a moped?

The rules on riding motorcycles are different in every state, but for the most part, you are able to ride a motorcycle of up to 125cc without passing any special test in the US as long as you have a full driving license. For mopeds, no special test is necessary at all and every state varies the age at which a kid can start riding.

Here’s a quick table to illustrate the laws surrounding the minimum age for riding a 50cc and over moped (the laws may be different in your state):

Minimum Age
All Other States

For mopeds up to 50cc, most states require riders to be aged between 14 and 16, except Arkansas where the minimum age is just 10, and New Mexico where the rider must be 13 and above.

What percent of motorcycle riders are female?

In the US, only 20% of riders are female. Although that number is steadily rising, there is still a disproportionate number of male riders to female riders but riding a motorcycle or a moped could be a great way to give our girls some more independence within a safer means of transport.

There’s a huge variety of bikes to choose from, from 125cc right up to the more powerful engines, but one thing the bike community has over car drivers is a great sense of family. Women riders tend to feel more looked after and watched out for within a biker family than they could ever find in a car-driving community.