What is the Difference between Automatic and Manual Coffee Machines?

For coffee lovers, having your very own coffee machine at the convenience of your own space is a total life saver. So if you’ve experienced needing a caffeine fix but you are too tired to go out and buy one, then may we suggest that you look into buying the best coffee machine that is most suited to your lifestyle.

First things first, the question you need to ask yourself is - what kind of coffee machine am I personally after? Is it simplicity you’re looking for or maybe something along the lines of a more traditional-type of brewing?

Since there are a variety of coffee machines available in the market, here’s a quick guide to give you some important details when picking the ideal type of machine and make out the difference between an automatic versus the manual option. It is important to discern the value of these types, so continue reading below.


The automatic type is a very popular in-home coffee machine since it has pre-set features for brewing your coffee. It makes the entire coffee-making process faster due to the lack of pumping action on the coffee maker’s/barista’s end. The automatic machine will handle everything from grinding your coffee beans then brewing them to steaming and frothing the milk; delivering a perfect cup every time.

In a way, it’s somehow similar to having a portable vending machine because you get to enjoy a good cup of joe within a shorter amount of time than the manual version provides. This is perfect for busy individuals who want to craft their own artisanal coffee by just pressing a few buttons while multi-tasking.


Coffee purists would say this, the manual coffee maker, is the ultimate machine to have in your arsenal. Why? Not only give you aesthetic points to your café’s interior, its traditional brewing process lets you control each aspect of making coffee - from grinding and tamping the beans, minding the water temperature to steaming the milk. This allows you to be flexible in creating any variation of brewed coffees such as cappuccinos, ristrettos and macchiatos. It is, in fact, the most classic way of brewing a cup of joe that every coffee enthusiast find appealing.

This coffee machine requires precision and technical skills to operate which is why it is quite liberating and rewarding for a brewer when he/she successfully finishes a brew. You’ll be pleased to note that once you have perfected the art of manual brewing, it is a guarantee that you’ll have the best-tasting and authentic espresso ever made.

There has been a great debate regarding which of the two types of coffee makers is considered the best option. Of course, it is all a matter of preference on the brewer’s part. For your convenience, view the range of coffee machines on Domayne. Specifically, check out what Sunbeam Coffee Machine has and its capabilities so you can choose which one to get.

Now that you’ve determined which coffee machine to choose, it’s time to shop for your perfect coffee maker to satisfy your caffeine fix every day of the week!