New Amish Coloring Books!

This week I had the privilege to check out two brand new Amish coloring books that just hit the market! Color the Amish: Amish Memories and Color the Amish: Amish Quilts by Ashley Emma. Ashley Emma is mostly known for her Amish fiction like Undercover Amish but since I love anything Amish related, I knew I had to check these out.

The coloring books each are 60 pages long and contain a lot of fun pictures inside ready to be colored. If you're looking for more of a challenge, I would suggest Amish Memories because the pictures have a lot more detail.

If you're into an easier way of coloring with geometric patterns, then I suggest Amish Quilts because it's less intense and simpler.

Both of the coloring books have a lot of promise for anyone who loves coloring and the Amish!