How to Prepare Your Closet for Summer 2019

As summer is nearly here, it’s time to put those chunky knits and sweaters away and prep your closet for sunnier temperatures.

If you want to ooze confidence and style once the sun starts to shine, now is the perfect time to start refining your look and prepping your storage.

To change seasons with ease, find out how to prepare your closet for summer 2019.

Place Winter Items into Storage 

Before summertime arrives, make time to remove winter clothing from your wardrobe, which you should wash before storing away in a safe space, so the garments are ready and waiting for you during the next season.

You also should carefully evaluate every item hanging in your closet. If you didn’t wear it at all during winter, or if it is damaged or no longer fits, you should donate it to charity, recycle the clothing or sell the item online.

Spruce Up the Space 

Before hanging a variety of different summer outfits in your closet, take the time to vacuum the space and wipe it down to ensure it is dust and dirt-free before adding in brand-new garments. You also should consider placing scented dryer sheets or sachets into your closet to create a fragrant environment.

Don’t forget to treat yourself to some new clothes hangers, a shoe rack, and storage baskets, either, which can help you to create and maintain a clean, organized closet throughout the seasons.

Retrieve Summer Clothing from Storage 

Once your closet is clean, and your winter clothing has gone into storage, retrieve your summer clothing, footwear and accessories from last season. Carefully review each item before adding it into a closet and donate or sell anything you no longer want or need. By doing so, you will be able to identify any items missing from your closet before summer officially arrives.

Boost Your Confidence with a New Summer Look 

It is likely you will be attending your fair share of summer parties, BBQs, weddings or beach days once temperatures start to rise. As a result, you will want to be brimming with style and confidence to make the most of the sunny season.

To do so, treat yourself to a brand-new outfit or two that will improve your self-esteem. For example, if you are looking for the best fashion this summer, look no further than for a beautiful range of outfits that will complement your taste and body shape.

Shake Up Your Style with Summer Accessories 

Do you want to put a new twist on old summer outfits hanging in your closet? Invest in new accessories, such as:
A colorful beach bag
Summer hats

The above accessories could help you to routinely shake up your style. You also should invest in various summertime staples to help you mix and match your style throughout the season, such as tank tops, plain t-shirts, and shorts, so you will never need to rock the same look twice this summer.