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In our homeschool, I love to use unit studies. It helps us learn in a non traditional way and we get to have lots of fun too. So when we had the chance to review the Pioneers Unit Studies (K-6) from Homeschool Complete, I knew we could make it into a great unit!

Homeschool Complete has a variety of unit studies that come in two levels - K-2nd and 3rd-6th. For Mary, we went through the choices for the 3rd-6th since she is in 5th grade currently. Out of all of them, I thought the pioneers unit study would work the best for us.

The unit studies all use the same principal of teaching multiple subjects that revolve around a theme. In our case, our theme was the pioneers so for example, part of a science lesson involved learning the parts of a grasshopper. The unit also focused on the book On The Banks of Plum Creek so I was really happy that Mary was reading a novel to go along with this study.

Another great thing about the unit studies is that you have the option to either print the unit at home from a PDF or you can buy the printed version which would be shipped to you. I opted for the printed version since my printer isn't full of ink right now. When it arrived, it was all packaged up and in order.

Each lesson in the unit study started out with the skills your child would learn that day. Then it would list the materials needed, usually for crafts or experiments. Also in the beginning of the unit study, there are materials like maps, charts, etc that will be needed for various lessons.

Next you will find out what chapters of your book you're reading that day and then you will move onto the activities for each subject like science and history.

The entire unit made you dig deeper into the book you were reading and added a lot of fun things to study in the unit. Some things included weather on the prairie, grasshoppers and their effects on crops, recipes from the book, coordinate maps, poetry, learning charts and even math.

In some of the lessons, you were also asked questions about what you read in the book so that was great to help reinforce understanding and memory.

Overall we were really impressed with how well Homeschool Complete had their pioneers unit study formed. It was very easy to get each lesson together with little prep and it kept the topic interesting!

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