1930s Vintage Reproduction Dress by BelleoftheBallVintage

As most of you know, I wear 1930's and 1940's clothes everyday. To be more specific, I prefer the late 30s to the early 40s era. This was my favorite time period for fashion because of the length of the dresses, the intricate designs and cuts, and the overall look. Clothes back then had class and style. And they were like works of art - each unique in its own way.

The most popular eras for vintage clothes that you can find today are from the 50s and up. So sometimes it's very hard to find true vintage 30s and 40s clothes, especially in your size! That was the problem I had been running into for a while. I would search for dresses and finally find one that I loved but it wasn't in my size. You have to imagine, true vintage dresses from the 30s or 40s are a rare find today. You aren't going to find more than one of the same dress because they are over 80 years old. So that's when I ventured into looking for made to measure vintage clothes.

Made to measure vintage clothes are sewn from vintage patterns using the measurements of your own body. So the clothes you receive will fit you perfect! One store in particular I found was BelleoftheBallVintage on etsy. The shop is run by the lovely Antoinette who can make the clothes of your dreams using your own measurements. Working with her was incredibly easy too.

When we first met over Instagram, I had seen a gorgeous skirt she was making for her etsy shop. I asked if she could make a dress from that same material and we went from there. We picked out a vintage late 30s dress pattern together, decided the contrasting fabric and even added heart pockets that weren't in the original design. Then I sent her my measurements and she took it from there! She sent me pictures every step of the way to see how the dress was coming and when it finally got to me, it was packaged up nice and neat with a thank you card. How sweet is that?!

When I put the dress on, I was really impressed on how perfect it fit and how well it was made. I was even more impressed that she had chosen to use a vintage metal zipper too since plastic zippers weren't made back then. Using a vintage zipper gave it an authentic feel.

Overall I was very pleased with the dress, the communication and the attention to detail I was given. I would highly recommend BelleoftheBallVintage to anyone wanting custom made the measure vintage clothes.

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