Top Tips When Buying and Wearing a Statement Ring

Building a complete and cohesive wardrobe that works for your lifestyle and personality is often something that takes thought and time. It isn't typically done in a short period of time; rather, it's about picking pieces as they call to you and catch your attention. Of course, no wardrobe is complete without a healthy selection of accessories.
Accessories can bring life to an outfit, make it look more stylish or sophisticated, and they can help to bring your personality into the look. And just like with clothing, you’ll want to invest in those accessories that are basic staples as well as those that create more of a statement. This brings us to statement rings, which can completely transform the look of any outfit. But how do you go about buying and wearing a statement ring? Here are some tips that can help.

A Statement Ring Doesn’t Have to Be Oversized

The first tip to keep in mind is that in order for it to be a statement ring, it doesn’t necessarily have to be oversized. Sure, there are some lovely ones that are oversized that you may want to invest in, but that doesn’t automatically make it a “statement ring”.

Stacked Rings are a Sleek Solution

If you're the type that really isn't into oversized jewelry but you still want a statement ring, a great solution can be a stacked style ring. These can fit sleek to your finger, yet are much bigger than a traditional ring, meaning they will take up more space on your finger. Take, for example, these stacked Crown rings, which offer layers of diamonds and gold. Even though they are a stacked design there is no extra bulk on your finger, yet it will most definitely make a statement.

What Else Makes a Statement?

So, if you’re not making a statement in terms of the size of the ring, other ways you can make a statement is with the design, the stones in the ring, the color, and its age/history. A vintage ring can make just as much of a statement as a fashionable new ring.

Is There a Specific Hand or Finger to Wear a Statement Ring On?

Another question you may have is whether or not there is a particular hand and finger a statement ring is meant to be worn on.
Traditionally statement rings were meant to be worn on your right hand, on the middle or ring finger. And while you can still adhere to that unspoken rule, in reality, a statement ring can work on either hand and on any finger. Some people even choose to wear a couple of statement rings at once, with one on each hand.

Wearing Your Statement Ring with Purpose

The final tip is to wear your statement ring with purpose. Always own it and don’t be afraid to be a bit creative in what you pair it with. This creativity can help add to the statement it is making. When it comes down to it, a statement ring is a very personal shopping choice that is meant to work with you specifically.