How to Design the Perfect Family Bathroom

Designing the perfect family bathroom needs careful consideration and planning. You don’t want to jump in once you move into a new property. You need to know what your family needs, how they live, and have a good understanding of how they will grow in order to properly design and create a bathroom everyone can use without frustration.

Done right, your new bathroom can be an oasis for every family member using it, and with this guide, you will have everything you need to design the perfect family bathroom.

Know the Answer to the Following Questions

To design the perfect family bathroom, you need to know what you want and how you live. By doing this, you will reduce the likelihood of accidentally investing in trends that do not suit your family’s needs, such as a waterfall shower and no bathtub when you have a small child.

How Many People Need to Get Ready in the Morning?

First things first, how many people use the bathroom you are going to renovate? If there are more than two, you might want to consider finding a new way to add another shower into the property. A small stall in the downstairs bathroom fitted with an electric shower can mean that everyone can easily get to work or school on time without frustration or yelling.

How Many Bathrooms Do You Have?

You should have at least three toilets and ideally two showers in every home. A downstairs half bath for guests, and then two full bathrooms so that your family can get ready. If you don’t, then you should look to diversify your budget to include such a renovation over redoing just one bathroom.

What Storage Opportunities are There?

Storage is always important, and especially in the bathrooms. From toiletries to towels, you want your bathroom to be able to store these items easily and out of the way.

How Do You and Your Family Like to Use their Bathroom?

Know how each and every member of your family likes to use the bathroom. Ask them if needs be so that when you work with a great designer, you can create designs that provide the best experience for everyone. For instance, if more people like to shower, then why not make that more of a priority over a bath.

Determine What Your Budget is for a New Bathroom

Go around and ask and find quotes from multiple companies so that you can get a good estimate of what the cost will actually be for the bathroom renovation. Save or work to find a loan that will cover you for the overhead costs, especially if your property is old and you don’t yet know what the plumbing situation is like in your home.

Hiring the Best Company for the Job

Knowing the answer to those questions will mean you have a good idea of what you want your bathroom or bathrooms to be, and more importantly, what they need to have. The next step is to work with a great company that can help you through the design process, source the supplies, and then implement the renovation. Made to measure bathrooms from Nonpareil bathroom supplies and design your bathroom so that it is everything you envisioned.

Have Working Solutions for the Renovation

You will need to have someplace to shower during this time. IF you are upgrading two bathrooms, then do one at a time so that you always have an option at home. Otherwise, you will need to stay with someone else or rent a place for the short while it takes for your bathrooms to come to life.