How We Are Using Our Dental Discount Plan

Two months ago, we posted about getting a dental discount plan from Now I want to share how to use that plan!

When using a dental discount plan, you will be given a fee schedule with the exact prices you will be charged for services. Some dentists don't discuss the billing part with you so it can be a bit hard to see what your final price will be. So when using a dental discount plan, I suggest using a dentist that tells you the prices and codes before any work is done. For our family, we use Aspen Dental because you have a free consultation and the dentist will tell you their recommendations. Then you'll go into the billing room and they will tell you the exact prices of everything with your discount plan.

My husband was able to successfully use our Careington Care 500 Series plan from for his treatment. His treatment plan included having two wisdom teeth removed at an oral surgeon, a root scaling treatment, fixing ten cavities, a crown and a root canal. Before using the dental discount plan, their estimate for his care was almost $7,000. But after we applied the Careington Care 500 Series plan, it knocked our final cost down to $2,995! That final price was much more payable for us. Another wonderful part of the discount plan is that on your fee schedule they give you, you will be given the dental codes (ADA codes) with the prices. When my husband's dentist suggested a crown on his treatment plan, I looked up the code on our fee schedule to see the price. The crown she suggested was over $800, but there were other crowns on the fee schedule that were around $100 instead. So I was able to ask her to change out that crown for a less expensive one. That's another perk of having the fee schedule because you can ask the dentist to change certain things if the prices are too high.

Overall we are super impressed with and how their dental discount plans have really helped us get dental work done without insurance.

If you want to check out, make sure to use my special Promo code: LULLABY (for 15% off any dental savings plan). You can also call them at 844-779-1016 .