10 Things to Buy Before Bringing a Puppy Home

Thinking of bringing home a puppy?

You need to have a shopping list ready before you get your pup. With the help of pet discount supplies, you can buy all the things needed to take care of a puppy.

Pee Pads 

Puppies, just like babies, have bad bladder control. During the potty-training process and before that, you need to have a steady supply of pee pads. The pee pads help your pup understand that they cannot pee anywhere in the house.


By getting a crate you can start crate training your dog. Your pup can enjoy their own space in their crate. In the long run, crate training your dog is beneficial if you want to travel with your pet. With your pup sleeping in their crate they will not end up defecating around the house.


Leashes are necessary for taking your pup on a walk. If your pup is too small you can get a harness instead. Along with a leash you need to buy a collar. Buy a collar that can fit your pup for a few months. Do not spend too much on collars and harnesses since you need to get a new one soon.


Your pup will need two bowls, one for water and one for food. Even though your pup is small, do not get small bowls. Get medium sized bowls that can last for a while.


Giving your pup a bed gives them their own space. Depending on your dog’s breed, buy a bed that they can use even when they grow bigger. Try to not spend too much on beds since your pup might chew through them.


Depending on how old your pup is, you need to buy food in advance. If your pup is used to having lactose replacements then get the brand that they are being fed. Even with dog food, ask the breeder what they are feeding the pups. Buy the same dog food and slowly shift to the kind of food that you want to feed your dog. Do not change your pup’s diet suddenly.


A puppy is a raging ball of energy. You need to stock toys that your pup can play with. Since pups chew and ingest their toys, try to get durable toys that will not harm your pup if they ingest bits of it.


Treats are very important when it comes to training your pup. You can start making treats at home, but to start the process you can buy some small treats.


Before getting your puppy, have a talk with a vet. If your vet suggests some pet meds or supplements then you can buy them before getting your pup. Usually, vets prescribe medicines after seeing the pup, but vitamins and calcium supplements can be advised before.

Grooming Kit 

Giving your pup a bath is not advisable until their vaccines are done. But your pup might not be at their cleanest coming from the breeders. You can get dry shampoos, wipes and combs. Teach your pup to allow grooming from a young age for long-run benefits.